For street animals. What can we do ?

3년 전

The situation of animals taken with a keen enthusiasm and then left on the street is extremely poor. Many of these animals, which have so far been nurtured safely and carefully in their home environment, have long lost these characteristics today, even if they are hunters at the time. The outdoor area can not provide its own food or even fight against other animals.Unfortunately, the endings are very close.

Bunun yanında bir de zaten sahiplenmeyen ve sokaklarda yaşamak zorunda kalan hayvanlar var. No matter what happens, the animals in the streets need a lot to drink, drink and eat.
But the biggest problem for street animals is to feed their bellies. Finding drinking water in extreme hot weather, or finding food on snowy winter days is the biggest problem of street animals. Life is not easy for the animals in the street.

From time to time, warnings are made in the newspapers and television news. But there is now a need for everyone to be sensitive and to make a fall on themselves. Here are a few suggestions that seem very simple but vital for the animals on the street:

  1. Everyone should put a container in front of his / her door, where cats and dogs can eat. It is not true, however, to leave food leftovers that may have been pending, moldy or harmful to them.
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