photography beautiful dragonflies.

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***Dear steemians friends!!! ***


good afternoon my friend all his best friends my friend all in good health always. on the occasion of a very hot afternoon I want to share a post about the beautiful and beautiful dragonflies. and I found this beautiful dragonfly at my friend's house I took this photo from my own camera phone.



and this dragonfly is very beautiful so beautiful dragonfly is very liked by people all over indonesia especially in aceh. and the dragonfly is very happy when it is in the bush because it can get a lot of food in the bushes. and the beautiful dragonfly is also happy to be able to play in the green leaf daunan because they really like to play on the leaves of the green leaf. and dragonflies also have different kinds of colors.


and so many of my postings on this very hot day and hopefully my friends all of them like a post I am on this afternoon and do not forget the upvote and resteem have me steemit friends yes.

and follow me on @zubir01


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