The Best Dogs for First-Time Owners

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If you are thinking of having your first dog, it is likely that you will feel very overwhelmed to ask yourself what are the best dogs to own?

Everything from toys, food and veterinary checks should be considered before you take your new pet home with you, and also determine whether you will adopt or buy.

It is important to examine the breed of your future dog, because you must ensure that the general temperament suits you and your lifestyle in general. We share five of the best dog breeds that make the introduction of a new pet as easy as possible at home:

Golden Retriever

As one of the most popular dog breeds, Golden Retrievers are perfect companions. A tolerant attitude and a high level of intelligence are two things that come naturally in this breed. They adapt well to training efforts and are relatively easy to groom. Cheerful, friendly and affectionate; Golden Retrievers make the perfect pet!


Energetic and elegant, a poodle is without doubt an impressive dog for a first time owner. Poodles are known for their ability to learn tricks in a few attempts and to maintain their royal attitude despite everything they do. They love children, strangers and other dogs.

However, this breed of dogs requires regular care. Their long-haired fur can become confused and requires frequent baths to keep them clean. It is important to consider if you have the time to choose a poodle as your first dog.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A naturally born companion, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the best first dog to own for many people. Although they need regular care for their long fur coats, the riders have a good general health and require frequent and low intensity exercises.

This breed is known for its loving personality and kindness. Riders are a great option for those looking for a small dog, making it a great candidate for those looking for a family friendly dog.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frize is a hypoallergenic dog breed and rarely swears, making it the ideal choice for an inexperienced owner looking for a dog that does not irritate their allergies.

Usually called "powder dog", the Bichon Frize is suitable for a family home, thanks to its small build and its ability to enjoy the company of small children. They have good general health and are easy to care for.

This dog breed is very sensitive and does not like to be left alone for a long time. If you plan to adopt a bichon, it is essential that you have the time to dedicate to their settling-in and daily activities with your new dog.


Greyhounds are typically racing dogs that, surprisingly, don’t need to do a lot of daily exercise to stay happy. As one of the most laid-back dogs in the area, the Greyhound is the perfect companion for a new owner. Although this breed of dog has an increased risk of being overweight, you can make sure they get enough exercise once you know how much they like to play!

Greyhounds are also less likely to bark or cry; which is good news for those who love their sleep. As you can see, many dog ​​breeds adapt perfectly to the home of a first dog. Whichever dog you choose, we are sure you will spend hours having fun with your new furry friend!

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