5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

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Nowadays, most people consider their dogs to be part of the family. And like all the family members, don’t you want to recognize and celebrate their birthday?

The celebration of a dog's birthday is becoming more and more popular and is socially accepted. For many, it is important to do something in honor of their puppy's special day. There can be a happy medium. You can celebrate your dog's birthday in a fun and meaningful way without going too far.

Here are 5 great ideas for celebrating your dog's birthday - without going overboard.

1. Choose the Perfect Present

Let's face it: our dogs are spoiled every day, but their birthday is actually a good reason for nice dog spoilage! Whether your puppy prefers tennis balls, Kongs or more cute and homemade toys, there's no better reason than her birthday to go to the toy aisle at your pet store. Another fun (and hilarious cute) idea? Put her in a room with lots of tennis balls and see how exciting it is.

2. DIY Some Cute Party Wear

There is literally nothing cuter in the world than a party hat on a puppy. It is very easy to make yourself sticky (by choosing a non-toxic material instead) construction paper, foam paper or poster board into a cone shape. Decorate it with a permanent marker, tassels, pompoms or other attributes that will give your puppy a festive look.

But what if your dog won't wear his party hat for longer than 20 seconds? Whip up a no-sew bandana with some cute fabric and fabric glue or hemming tape, or a no-sew tutu with elastic and strips of tulle.

3. Make Dog-Friendly Cupcakes

Believe it or not, many dog-friendly birthday cakes are also man-friendly. All the ingredients you need are everyday ingredients for cooking, such as whole wheat flour, baking powder, eggs and applesauce or baby food, to make a great canine cake. Add grated vegetables, such as carrots, to boost the nutrients and garnish with cream cheese, peanut butter or a blanded bananas.

Don't feel like breaking out the baking gear? We don't think any dog has ever turned down peanut butter paired with his favorite treats.

4. Play Games

The best part of these dog-friendly party games is that they are basically basic techniques, disguised as fun! Make sure you have enough toys (and treats) for games like hide and seek, with which dogs can "sit", "stay", "come", and "fetch".

If you really want to take your puppy games to the next level, try a round of Snoopy Says. As the human version says, Simon explains, the participants listen to the commands and make certain movements. The last pupper standing wins!

5. Throw a Doggy Birthday Party!

Let BarkHappy help you organize an event. Invite all your dog friends and find a restaurant terrace that accepts dogs or a dog park. You can also create the event and place it in the BarkHappy app to invite your other friends from the package. Today is your day and you can sit on chairs and wear party hats while enjoying specially made cakes. When you reach your 13th birthday, you can call it "bark mitzvah"!

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