I pulled up in my local shopping center parking lot, when I see this very large Seagull walking around. He has this grayest dirty look. Not like the normal ones I see. I believe this is the markings of an immature bird , despite being so big.


When young they have a black beak to go along with the gray molting look feathers.




Mature Seagull

Photo ...


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Big bird. Believe it or not, we have them here in the mid-west. Unfortunately, they seem to congregate mostly around the dump which is thankfully not close to where I live in the country. Every once and awhile we will have a few that fly over briefly while they may be seeking out other fare at the larger lakes in the area.


They clean up the garbage. :-)


They definitely eat the garbage.

Standing is Mrs. Epie Bridget sharing experiences on snail farming
Training interested persons and groups is one of FOEPSUD vision to make the availability of Achatina achatina in its off season and for international market.The second edition training on snail farming has targeted the group “Creating Opportunities for Rural Youths” (CORY) based in Bamenda.

This training that started at 12:43pm with a word of prayer from one of its member Mrs. Nfor Mafor Loveline and took place on the 2nd September 2018 in the office of world vision for education and development, up-station Bamenda where 11 participants were present.

The facilitator



An endemic bird (Bannerman's turaco) in Cameroon
Bannerman's Tauracco.png
The Kilum-Ijim Forest is an area of mountain rainforest in Cameroon's North-West Region. It is found on Mount Oku and the nearby Ijim Ridge in the Cameroon mountains, with Lake Oku lying in a crater in its center. It is the largest area of Afromontane forest left in West Africa. The area is an important one for biodiversity, including the endemic Bannerman's turaco and banded wattle-eye.
Viewing Lake Oku.jpg


Keep up the good work :-)


An endemic bird species in the Mount Kupe forest area of the South West Region in Cameroon which are under conservation is the Green Parrot and the Tullberg's wood pecker.

The Green parrot

Tullberg's wood pecker

Yup, that's definitely a juvenile... they settle on the lawn here, from time to time, looking to scavenge any bread we put out for the other birds.



You live near the water?

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It looks like he/she is eating pretty good! I never knew that coloring means it's a younger bird. I don't see them often either but now I'll know the difference. Lol..looks like it was strutting right up to see you! Terrific shots!!


Young animals can be naive to the world.

Guess he was just waiting around so you could take pictures? They don't scare easily.

They are definitely scavengers!

Congrats on your badge, too!


Bird is now immortalized on Steemit. :-)