Swan enjoying the water

11개월 전

Now in Winter there are not so many different birds here in Austria but i am already looking forward to spring where my bird photography tours can begin once again. And in Spring the birds do a lot of singing so they are much easier to spot. On the weekend i visited a part of the danube near Linz together with Stefan and i found two Swans and several great crested grebe's swimming there. The Swans where a bit active and cleaned their feathers from time to time. Perfect for taking some shots.

A Swan enjoying the water. Picture: Florian Glechner.

Unfortunately the weather was not that perfect and we had a little rain and it was quite cold. But i was prepared and had a warm coat. But still i love summer much more. A photography friend from vienna contacted me today to do a trip together. So maybe next weekend we will take a trip to the Inn wich is a River in Upper Austria.

Picture: Florian Glechner.

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