Baby Lovies ...10 Adorable Lovebirds

3년 전

also known as (Agapornis) native of Africa.

These little cuties 💛 are all about 4 to 5 weeks old. A mixture of fishers and peachface varieties in several fun colors.



This is a fun age where the lovebirds are curious and learning their suroundings.



We have play time on little baby blankets where the babies stretch their wings and explore.

They also learn things like balance and perching.



Its so much fun to do play time with these little guys.



These last two lovebirds 💛 are 2 weeks older then the rest. It's amazing how fast they change and grow at this age.



Thank you for visiting and peeking at the feather babies.

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Wow so many pretty birds!


Thanks and good wishes

I was just amazed in the color of their feathers so beautiful. I wish I have witnessed these amazing experience.


They are so much fun. Thanks

Its a lovely and adorable birds! So cute


Thanks and good wishes

If you caught a bird, then do not hold it in a cage, do not make it want to fly away from you, but could not. And make it so that she could fly away, but she did not want to.

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They are so cute @kamimorrow. I will resteem latter. Nice photography.


Thanks and Blessings to you.

They are beautiful birds, lovely nature and brightly coloured @kamimorrow my Dad had one many years ago that kept him company.


Oh they are such good little companions... Thanks

wow..looks very cute creature


Thanks and good wishes

wow they are beautiful and cute :)


Thanks and good wishes

They are really beautiful!


Thanks and kind wishes

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The picture where the lovebird spreading its wings is awesome! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you...

I like this post.

They're just so lovely!


Thank you

Que preciosos! me provoca besarles sus ojitos :)


Thanks and kind wishes