Seeing Orangutans in Southeast Asia: a photo report

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Orangutans are 6 times stronger than a human and have amazing speed. And that is one heck of a beard! Oh eeeh... Did you know that orangutans are among the most intelligent primates?! They use a wide variety of sophisticated tools to construct their nests and live in trees most of the time. They have been extensively studied for their behavior. Unfortunately, they are endangered animals so we all have a duty to protect them. Borneo lost more than 100,000 Orangutans from 1999 to 2015 :(

All photos are original and mine

Spotting Orangutans in the wild in Borneo, Malaysia

August 30, 2017. Borneo, Malaysia. Wiped off sweat, drank some water, and adjusted my camera settings. Branches breaking, gasps from people, and I look up. 20 feet away is the gigantic male Orangutan looking at me. Exactly like he is, in this position. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever, as I slowly backed away. But not before taking these photos...

... contrary to popular belief, Orangutans are pretty chill. This guy was just yawning. The total of orangutans I saw was 10 in 2 days, and they were all basking at the attention. They are pretty intelligent, shy, but also playful.

Borneo is one of the best places to see Orangutans in the wild!
In fact, Borneo (and Sumatra) are not only the best place to see orangutans - they are the only places you can see them in the wild. By visiting rehabilitation centers you can help support conservation efforts and protect one of Earth's smartest and most beautiful species. And it for sure provides a memorable encounter!

There are 5 main places to see Orangutans in Borneo:

  • The Kinabatangan River
  • Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
  • Kubah National Park
  • Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre
  • Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

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man, it's nerve-wracking to lose such a huge number of these amazing creatures. i hope that they will be taken out of the endangered list soon.


it's our fault, really.. i think humans are not behaving the way they should be. awful truth.


spot on! we don't appreciate other creations.

I visited Malaysia a few years back, and trying to see those guys was on the list, but ended up not visiting the Borneo part. Seeing your photos makes me want to go back and visit Borneo as well!


I am brazilian, I never traveled to other country.


Good thing Brazil is so big, you have tons of cool things to see there ;)

me encanta ver la naturaleza y la vida que hay en ella, en las fotos se puede apreciar como los orangutanes están disfrutando de su vida y como la pasan super, nunca deberían destruir su habitad ni tenerlos en cautiverio

Great and beautiful animas!

Beautiful shot man!

WoW impresionante las imágenes

Love it....

Great one, I love it

Stunning shots Martin

This first picture is really amazing, the Orangutan looks so peaceful, and wise. Must have been amazing to be so close to them!!

Excelente animales, lastima que están en peligro de extinción.

Oh what a cute orangutan he seems very happy and alive