Doggie Rescue


Hello everyone!

...So two days ago I was visiting my friend's in Ljubljana. We went out on a drink and this is what we saw:


(click to see full size image)

I'm sorry for not knowing the story behind this, but I know I never saw a dog crossing a river like a batman before...have you?

Anyhow, this is my entry for the #animalphotography.

Thank you for visiting, I wish you all the best!

Peace, @sirsensei

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Hey, what was going on here? This dog can swim for sure.

It probably was a mountain rescue squad practice session...

Ps: I recognized the river and the buildings behind it immediately 😀

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No idea man, probably practice yes. Do you think anyone asked the dogs if they mind? :D


Nobody asked them explicitly. Yet some breeds enjoy immensely in these challenges. That's why they are ideal as rescue dogs.


Dogs for life! :)