Aquarophilia # 01: How to start in AQUAROPHILIA

4년 전

As we all know start with an aquarium is relatively simple .. You go to an animal store and / or aquarium with enough money for a half investment, you ask four questions and you take a pond, four stones, some branch peeled, 4-6 kg of special sand, filters and a blue liquid that they tell you is to condition the water. Very good, and now what? ...

Suddenly you come home with all the tools and you realize that the only thing you have done has been the mud, clarifying that the only thing you have done well has been to throw the money for a good business management of the shop assistant and little else ...

Now, you have to assemble the structure of the aquarium, locate it in a strategic place at home and immediately have no idea to assemble the interior of the aquarium, decorate it and prepare the water with some brief information from the store staff, which if you do not know do well (which is your case), it takes more than 15 days to control it before putting fish .. But before taking more steps on your first day in the world of aquariums, I give you some initialization tips:

  • First of all, search the internet for advice
  • Then imagine what your aquarium can be and make a list with the little information you have at this moment, of what you may need. All this, with the idea of ​​establishing an initial budget.
  • Once you are clear about what your first steps may be, do not hesitate to visit several aquarium shops to obtain additional information and contrast with the one you already have.
  • After this, and as the last advice in your first steps buy an aquarium and its corresponding structure knowing previously where you will locate it to know the mediated about it.
  • The rest, comes with more time ...

After these tips, the next thing you have to do is keep training by different means to continue acquiring knowledge. That for my part, I assure you that they are essential to not "kill your fish" in the future.

At the moment we are here dear friends, a posteriori I will post more technicians about the matter starting with the most basic, such as "what aquarium I buy for home".

I hope I have been helpful once more. Thanks and regards to the entire Steemit

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