The last time I went to the Zoo was nearly 15 years ago.

3년 전

I always have such fond memories of going to the zoo. Even though my visits were only about 7 or 8 visits, I think, the lasting impression has been with me every time I would go. It was a group event for me, always with family or friends and that helps. It was always an all day trip/event also, there were so many different activities, not only animal watching but some zoo event shows also to choose from. My favorite was the Reptile House, of course, I still have an interest in the nature reptiles I run across today. Being in Florida and the summer, lizards are Everywhere and turtles(gopher), snakes and of course, Alligators along the many canals we have here. Well, just some pleasant memories of going to the zoo came to mind. The penguins and Walrus were a favorite also and more likable, I guess. What was your favorite?

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