I'm really sorry but we need help 🐥

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For a long time I did not dare to write this post. You know that I rarely ask for help. But now the situation is just that. After the divorce, it’s very difficult for me to keep all the animals. Winter is ahead and we really need firewood to provide warmth for disabled storks. A firewood lorry costs about $ 300. This is a huge amount for me. So I have to turn to those of you who can and want to support me and my animals and birds.

Our btc wallet on Bitrex is 1B8vZrCcnaRfgxSAFD4emS3TN2277NagXb

You also can send a little steem if you want. Or simply vote and resteem.




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everyone has difficulties, but do not worry, I hope everyone will help a little

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I'll send some over here. Is SBD OK? Hope you get what you need :)


Thank you, dear Karen!


Sent. Hope it helps x


Many-many thanks!


You are very welcome :)

vote & resteem ... good luck


Thank you!


Beautiful and alive

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Full 100% and a resteem.
I have send a few steem too.
Pinned post in our welovesteemit on FB group.


Thank you very much!

We love watching the white sticks come here to nest in Northern Germany. I wish you all the best.

Hey @animal-shelter, thank you for writing this post on steemit!

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