Afghan Hound History and Domestication

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Afghan Hound History and Domestication

The hound is believed to be one in all the oldest of all pup breeds, with the primary records of the hound geological dating back to four,000 BC. The quick and agile nature of this Dog meant that they created wonderful hunters of little game in their native Islamic State of Afghanistan, most typically searching cervid, Goats, antelope and Sus scrofa beside seeing off larger predators like Wolves and Snow Leopards. Their light nature additionally created this elegant sight-hound a adoring shepherd, intrepidly protective stock from hungry predators. This lovely however gently natured watchdog was delivered to Great Britain within the early Nineteen Twenties and its entry to the USA followed in 1926. The class of the hound meant that they quickly became extremely fascinating Dogs, each as pets and for show.

Photo source Afghan Hound

Photo source Afghan Hound

Photo source Afghan Hound

Photo source Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound Physical Characteristics

The most characteristic feature of this breed is that the long, silken fur that covers the Afghan Hound's body, most notably on the highest of its head. Afghan Hounds ar most typically black or golden in color though variety of color variations currently exist at intervals the breed as well as brown, gray and white. The elongated head and muzzle of the hound build them simply diagnosable, beside their high hip-bones that gave the ancestors of the trendy day hound their name for speed and lightsomeness. The face of the hound is typically a black-coloured mask, with a black nose and dark almond formed eyes. the color of the facial mask is understood to vary though white is claimed to be discouraged because it is seen as a symptom of poor breeding. they're fairly giant Dogs standing on the average at 68cm tall.

Afghan Hound Behaviour and Temperament

The temperament of the standard hound tends to be distant and dignified, however happy and intelligent and usually comparatively pixilated. However, the hound features a name among Dog trainers for having a comparatively slow obedience intelligence probably attributable to their slightly stubborn nature. The hound features a leaning towards independence and house owners shouldn't be stunned if their Dog typically chooses to ignore commands. the trendy day hound is claimed to possess several Cat-like tendencies, romantic to slug round the house and is mostly abundant slower than its Middle Eastern ancestors. The hound is rarely used for searching in Europe and America nowadays wherever they're one in all the foremost well-liked pup breeds.

Afghan Hound Breeding

The hound was initial bred within the ancient deserts of Egypt and Islamic State of Afghanistan, wherever they were primarily used as hunters. The hound was a favoured selection of Dog as they were ready to run the bulk of different animals, while being brave hunters and were capable of thinking severally, usually ready to keep larger prey from escaping till Orion arrived. the primary domestic breeding of the trendy day hound was by associate English officer station close to capital of Afghanistan, United Nations agency later brought the hound to the united kingdom in 1925. A year later, the hound was taken to America wherever its beauty and class created it one in all the foremost prestigious breeds of pup within the States.The average litter size of the hound is around seven puppies, that ar blind once initial born.

Afghan Hound fascinating Facts and options

When the hound breed was initial delivered to America, its naturally freelance nature semiconductor diode thereto gaining a name for being devious. nowadays but, several of those traits don't seem to be quite as distinguished within the breed as they once were. The high hip-bones of this Dog ar thought to be one in all the most reasons why the hound once had a name for speed, creating them quicker at running than most different pup breeds nowadays. The long topknot on the highest of its head, beside the tiny ring close to the tip of its tail, ar 2 of the foremost distinctive options of the mature hound. They originate from the mountains of Islamic State of Afghanistan and their distinctive look provides these Dogs with important blessings throughout the cold winters and hot summers. though lovely, this long fur takes daily care and maintenance to confirm that the coat remains healthy.

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my husband had two afghans and they seem like a fantastic breed of dogs, they usually appear on the lists of less intelligent dogs because they are not easy to teach in the execution of tasks and learning. For me it is just the opposite they are the most intelligent dogs there is precisely because they do not allow themselves to be domesticated easily. is a excellent and nice or beautiful animal photography,,,thank you my friend

wow,,. that dog must be 5 feet or something

I am hoping to be able and stop breeding farms from sending sick pups out for sale. Since my dog passed away really young it was always a concern to me. Money should not be effecting pups lives.

haha awesome is this true?


So adorable :') ❤❤❤

This dog is very strangr for me.

good post
God has given us many beautiful values ​​among the love, tolerance, respect among others. Gracis for sharing the true importance of the unit.
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the trendy day hound is claimed to possess several Cat-like tendencies, romantic to slug round the house and is mostly abundant slower than its Middle Eastern ancestors.

Maybe excess fur created this tendency in them. I have never seen this kinda dog in my life, the closest i have seen is eskimi.


Wow! What an amazing dog, Although I can't imagine what conglomeration of breeding and natural forces came together to produce it. What an amazing, mysterious world it is in which we live...

wooow ,,, the dog is very amazing ,,, the fur alone is amazing,


Woooow! so beautiful animal i think its Dog i can not see this before thanks alot for sharing such a new thing keep it up dear i folloew you hope you will share more like this and also hope you also check my blog thanks

Very good and nice photography