Snakes in hats! Our snakes wearing hats

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We have a lot of animals here and every so often we decide to dress some of them up. It all started with one of our old dogs, a greyhound named Spider. When my mum got married she had a custom dress made for her and one for the dog and Spider accompanied my mum down the aisle and stood like a good girl by her side.

Ever since then my mum has had a hobby of dressing them up and the poor snakes tend to get it the most often. Though to be fair they don't get stuck in whole body outfits, just snazzy little hats.

I think it also helps them seem less scary. None of the snakes here are dangerous but people are often unnecessarily scared. I get it, they're creepy sometimes. But they're kinda cute when they're wearing a hat right?

Cuddles in a hat.jpg
Diego in his cute little... Sombrero?

snake in a hat.jpg
Cuddles in his party hat!

They don't seem to mind too much and just go about their day with their cute little accessories. Cuddles used to be the only snake and he got it the worst. Poor cuddles. No wonder he's getting grumpy in his old age, all those embarrassing memories....

snake in another hat.jpg

Christmas time with Cuddles. Though most people would probably dread seeing him in their christmas tree. I thought he made a good little ornament.

snake in hat 2.jpg

Did you know you lose most of your body heat through your head?

What better way for a snake to keep warm than a beanie!
Well, maybe a heat lamp would work better. but you can't deny his fashion sense.

almost snake in a hat.jpg

I know Ollie isn't wearing the hat in this but it did look like it.
Ollie is the only snake that we have that I am scared of, he has bitten me and multiple other people and there's something about the way he looks at me when I'm in the reptile room that is kind of creepy.
As with all animals snakes need to be socialized so even though he can be aggressive we need to keep getting him out and handling him to get him used to it.

Eventually Ollie will grow to be over 5m long so if he stays being unfriendly he will be dangerous and hard to handle.

tophat snake.jpg

Top hat snake and Black Betty in her Christmas antlers.

I was going to make it a post of all the animals we have had dressed up but as I was scrolling through I noticed there was enough snake photos to be a post in itself. Since they are also unnecessarily feared I thought it might help break the stigma so, I hope you enjoyed my fashionable slithery friends. :)

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Your mom is sooooo twisted :)


oh you dont know the half of it. thee are jars with preserved animals n them she does taxidermy so there s stuffed animals. she weird but she cool lol

I'm not afraid of non poisonous snakes, but I have a healthy respect for them, even a 50 cm long snake will draw blood if it bites you. I've been bitten by a few snakes while trying to catch them in the grass. Since their teeth point toward their throat, it can be kind of hard to get your hand out of their mouth without ripping the skin or killing the snake.


yea we had one of them latch on and not let go for 20 minutes once. and it bleeds alot for such tiny holes

Ahhhh they're too cute (and are probably contemplating murdering you in your sleep if only they could work out how to get out of the damn enclosures while you're asleep XD).

I also think they're cute without hats but apparently I'm weird

I think the antlers are my favourite XD

Oh Em Gee.

I can't believe you have that many of those.

That's so funny. LOL.


Thanks for sharing. Really. Thanks.

The party hat though. Your mom made that huh?


yea i think so lol, the poor dog gets it the worst though haha