Animal Series #41 - Northern Hawk-Owl on Powerlines


Northern Hawk Owl on Powerlines

Northern Hawk owl, bird species in the owl family. Long-tailed and cross-striped underside brings associations to our hawks and is the backdrop to the name of this owl. It belongs to our medium-sized owls. The length is 35–40 cm and weight approx. 300 grams. Unlike most of our owls, hawk owls are day-active. It is easily visible in the top of a tree (or powerline as in this case) when it scouts for small rodents.

Original (4608x3456)

Original (4608x3456)

Original (4608x3456)

Original (4608x3456)

Location: Ørsdalen, Norway
Camera: Nikon P900
No filter have been used
No editing have been made to these photos
Photographer: @flatman
Date of Post: April 19th 2019
Date of Photo: April 17th 2019

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Nydelege bilete av ei flott ugle @Flatman