Cockatiel Bird fly’s into office window !!

3년 전

So this bird fly’s into my office window. Obviously someone’s pet that flew away. Must of flew across the highway and bam into the window. It was stunned and just walking around the pavement for few hours. So we decided to try and catch it. Well after two flights on to the roof and then came back down to walk around. Couple wild black birds soaring around waiting to attack it. The wild birds were to afraid of us to make that final decent to kill it as we were shooting them away. Mission accomplished!!! Finally got him into box.
Adopted into a good home with couple kids to care for him. Nasty bite to the finger as well.





After full bowl of water and food. He’s doing great !


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That's so funny. Pretty neat though -- got urself some new pets?

Similar incident happened in my house too before 4 mths. Two ducklings came from somewhere. We planned to take them in. But after sometime we heard the sound of two other ducks in the sky. It was a frantic call for their missing children. So we took the ducklings and left them near an open ground so that the adult ones can see them. Then we hid from the view. Later we noticed those two ducks came down near the ducklings.We dont know yet but we think it was some rare species of duck.Once we got a baby owl too during the day. It fell from tree....


Thanks for the reply. We looked for the owner. Took it to pet store to see if they knew. Ended up just giving it family with kuds to care for it. Crazy day


There are some children in nearby houses who dont want to set it free. Along with them a dog also who was waiting for us to set them free. So we had to be extra careful while setting them free.Whole morning went in planning to how to set them free. I can understand that"Crazy day". Thank you for your upvote too.

Stupendous post @jkenny. Really fabulous photography. White Bird looks so pretty. ☺

Thanks for sharing this post.

Upvoted & resteemed your post.

Wow! Excellent photography @jkenny. Amazing and awesome capture. The bird looks so beautiful and its white colour enhance its beauty of peace. You are an amazing photography. Very impressive post.

Thanks for sharing this post. 🤗

Have a wonderful day.💚


Thanks ! Appreciate the response

Awe, poor baby!!

Several years back we had a pigeon crash into the machine shed. The farm owners ignored it but I rushed over and put him/her into a box to bring with me.

It was a 2 hour drive to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and you'd better believe I made that drive for it!

Took that little birdie over a week to recover and then they released it with a colony.

Birds are close to my heart, thanks for looking after that little cockatiel! Poor little dude looks a little rough.

Also! They were working on some update when the sideways picture thing started happening. In your phone's gallery take a screen shot of the picture you want to use. Crop it to look right and use that instead. It'll come out right side up on Steemit then. 👍

Back at home this would happen often @jkenny , you would hear this bang at the window which would scare the hell out of you, 3 months ago one hit my friend's window luckily after about 6 hours in the garden resting she managed to fly again, phew, if not we would of took her in before anything else would get to her.

So beautiful

Cool looking bird!

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Buenos día que bella ave aquí hay es un ave parecido llamada Palomino pero no tiene copete