Grouse Mountain - The incredible Unforgettable View

4년 전

Just 30 mins driving away from Downtown Vancouver brings to the Grouse Mountain. The hike to the peak is pretty intense and took for us 1 hour and 20 mins, but trained people usually do it in 30-50 mins.


On the top of the mountain, the incredible view meets hikers. You can see the downtown and the whole Vancouver from the bird's eye.


Also, there is a small museum located on the top and theatre where you can find movies about nature, bears, and the environment.



And for sure bears - they help people learn more about their habits, activity, etc. and this information would allow saving the population of the wild bears in the future.


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The bear looks curious about something.

Great views. Looks like a tough hike.


oh yeah, it was really tough...

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Хотел сказать, что виды прекрасны, но потом задумался о музее и медведях.
медведи живые или в киношке? ;)


живые - живые . я же писала, что их содержат, чтобы изучить больше среду обитанию медведей, чтобы потом их спасти в будущем =)