anime recommendation and a bit of history

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What is anime
The anime is a Japanese adaptation that is very well known all over the world for its different reading themes, its Japanese name is Japanese manga manga or the anime that we see on TV or that we download online anime has many different themes for the whole audience in general such as love, adventure, fiction, sports, horror, fantasy, comedy, shonen, gore.
There are many animes that there are endless stories that will hook you in reading and see your story a clear example is the renowned dragonball history tells us of a sayajin called goku that reaches the earth and protects it from the bad, or mirai nikki a horror anime gore and memories of life that focuses on gasai and a girl who is in love with yukki and will do all the protecting her beloved or tokyo ghoul history tells us about the battle of humans against the ghoul a group that eats human and has powers over humans. You see there are endless stories that you can see or read to pass the time and have a lot of content for you.

Anime recommendation
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