6 Anime Comedy recommended for you! #6

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6 Anime Comedy recommended for you! #6


You could say, Gintama is the mother of all comedy anime and that is true. For more than 350 episodes, Gintama amazed the audience with various funny actions and moments. An ordinary joke, slapstick, and various other humor models are present to hypnotize the audience.

Of course, the influential characters in this anime are Gintoki Sakata, Shinpachi Shimura, Kagura, and their pet dog, Sadaharu. Even though taking the theme of the Japanese Feudal era, Gintama included many elements in it, for example there were Aliens, pirates, magicians, other strange creatures in your brain.

All enemies who confront also will not stop Gintoki's steps to having fun. Those of you who need entertainment with lots of jokes from small change jokes to weighty jokes, Gintama certainly is more than enough.

"Anime are not just a TV show like cartoons, Anime are epic stories which will never dies!"

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