7 Best anime season 1 recommended for steemians #1

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7 Best anime season 1 recommended for steemians #1

Death Note

The Death Note is a mystery-psychology anime that tells the story of a Shinigami magic book. This book can kill anyone just by writing his name.

One time, a genius young man named Light Yagami, accidentally got the Death Note dropped by Shinigami to earth. Knowing the ability of the magic book, Light also has the intention to create a new world order that is only inhabited by good people.

However, the intention was not smooth. Light who has an alter ego Kira has to get along with a great detective named L.

The fight between the two characters in revealing their opponent's identities is still an interesting piece of mystery anime that only has 37 episodes.

"Anime are not just a TV show like cartoons, Anime are epic stories which will never dies!"

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