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We are hosting our first giveaway ever! We thought it would be a fun way to introduce ourselves and give something to the Steemit Community!


Step 1: Give us your opinion below "Who is your favorite Anime character & why"
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There will be 6 WINNERS!
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Winners will be chosen a week from now! On 2/24/2018

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Well, it's hard to answer that question, because I love many anime characters.
But If I have to pick one, it's going to be:
Armin from Attack on Titan anime.

Why? He is genius and problem solver and I like the way he is thinking ^_^


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My favorite character of all time is and always will be my beloved Sesshomaru.

Since I first appeared as a villain in Inuyasha I admired him for his physical attractiveness and also for his strength. I have always liked in the anime the characters that are shown as a cold image, silent and with an aura of mystery, because they generally hide the most beautiful feelings even though they hide it under a mask of insensibility and when they show it they are really honest.

Sesshomaru was the first character I saw with those characteristics. In spite of despising humans, he was able to give life back to a little girl and take care of her, as he did with Ring. He also always showed sensitivity to Kagura. I think Sesshomaru was kinder to what they were suffering, and the reason why he was able to feel such empathy is that he knew pain well, although he never revealed it, it can be appreciated with the kind of relationship he had especially with his father.

After all, those who have become cold are usually hurt, but because of this, they are capable of great affection when they manage to penetrate the shield with which they protect themselves. That's why I like this type of character, and for this, I love Sesshomaru, the first anime character that captivates me with his coldness and mystery.

My favorite anime character is Kei Kurono from the anime Gantz :)


He is my favorite anime character because he made me feel like someone like me could be worthy of a hero and the main character. Usually people like Kei are side characters who die. A lot of gantz is from the pov of kei in his mind voice so you get his true thoughts, he's a pervert. He's selfish, and he's a coward, he's unabashedly human. But out of his cowardice, due to his fight or flight reactions he survives. He outlives his friend Kato who you'd think is the main character or hero because he's so pure and selfless, and that's what brings kato's demise.


You won one SBD :)

My best anime character is naruto.My entire childhood went watching his story.Ienjoyed watching the anime naruto.That was second anine I watched after DBZ. Naruto is pretty legit cgarscter .He was a weak boy but due to his sufferings he is the ONE OF THE powerful ninja.He went from hated to celebrated as the strongest ninja on his block. He went from getting kicked out stores to his village's lord - the best embodiment of an underdog story. Htaught us lot of life values and importance of not giving up. He also showed us how great friendship is.


Mine too...loved Naruto. But i guess have to settle for Hinata since you already chose Naruto.

Not entering as I highly doubt any of my followers would be interested in seeing something anime related. Having said that, how is it that no one has mentioned Izaya Orihara? God, he is one of my absolute favorite anime villains and the king of all the trolls.

My most favorite character of all time is SPIKE from COWBOY BEBOP

I choose Yui from the K On. I love her perseverance in everything she does. She never stop until she fully mastered the thing that she wanted to mastered, despite her goofy attitude. To be both happy go lucky and talented, i admire her spirit. And i also love to know how much she cherish her guitar. She wont trade it for the world, same goes with her friends and family, she puts them number 1.

My favorite anime character is Tachibana Kanade from Angel Beats.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is because she is an 'angel' .

She's like a top student in that school.

I like her character because she's not showing any emotion and that's I wanted to imply it in my real life..! 😂

She's also the person that always follows rules it made me admire her a lot..!

No emotion through anything. And also, she has the hidden sonic weapon...! How cool was that..! Come out of nowhere. I wanted to do costume especially for her only...!

I even named myself as Tachibana Chiara for her.


That's why I liked her so much..! ❤❤ Thank you

Lelouch vi Britannia

My pick is Lelouch from the anime Code Geass.

what introduction does this badass character need, he play both the hero and the villain, with his alter-ego Zero, he is the leader of the resistance group going againts the Empire and then theres Lelouch, the son of the Emperor and 17th in line as successor to the Empire's throne.

This guy will do anything to find out who killed his mother and made his little sister live in hardship and blind, he will fight his own relatives and friends, backstabbing them, using innocent civilian, control them with Geass, except for when he accidentally cast Geass on his half sister Euphemia, that made her on a rampage and killing innocent civilian. That scene totally broke my heart, how Lelouch is powerless against his own recklessness and watching his beloved sister turned into a mass murderer. All he can do is giving out the order in tears to shoot and kill her, yup even a cold hearted evil mastermind could felt regret and sadness, his action could not been undone so he just go along and took advantage from it.

Zero, leader of the Black Knight

So after finding out who killed his mother (his own father the current Emperor of the Brittania Empire) and killed him, he decide to succeed the Empire himself and rule with an iron fist. Eliminating and capturing all the throne's heir, then proceed to inflict fear and made the empire to be a force so big that nobody could dare to go against at.

At time time, i'm really puzzled to the sudden personality change in Lelouch, from a lovable character to a power hungry emperor just like his own father who he hates so much. Lelouch then went to a parade that celebrates his achievement as the ruler of the Empire, when suddenly from afar, Zero with a saber stood in the way of the parade. I soon learn from the flashback that Lelouch decide to deceive everybody and act as a tyrant so that the people of the empire and the civilian would stand together and reconcile and end his rule, Lelouch then asked a favor from his childhood and best friend so big that i dont think any of us would accept , and that is to bear the mask of Zero and assassinate him in front of the whole crowd. Ever since then, Zero have been the symbol of peace and unity.

This is why this character is my favorite, even in death he still wishes for everybody well being, can you imagine while you're dying in pain, people around you are cheering for your murderer and you're just laying happy to see people finally uniting. This character is seriously the coolest i had ever seen and i dont believe any character can top him.


My answer was going to be Lulu =(

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My favorite anime character would be Luffy from One Piece. I like his fearlessness and perseverance.

Hi just followed you have a great day 👍⚡

My Most Favorite Anime Character is Luffy bacause he is a happy person and good leader with a good heart.

Image Source(direct link to img)

Hi @animesocialclub my favorite character is Light Yagami or kira for being so confident and also being so smart

madara (nyanko sensei) from the natsume book of dreams; he's rough on the outside but loves and cares for natsume; hes also fiesty and loves to get into fights like a real gangster his constant hunger is also so cute.
nyanko creepy.jpg

The wonderful thing about anime is that there are a variety of different characters across different genres. These characters can inspire us and make us laugh all at the same time. My favorite anime character is Saitama. The man who is a hero for fun is actually the closest pure creation of what a hero is.

Saitama is character who was a normal person who had a nonoridinary goal and that was "to be a hero". His focused mindset allowed him to achieve this goal and become the greatest hero in the world. My favorite quality about Saitama though is he is not only oblivious he can be in certain situations but also how funny he goes about it. He could be fighting a rampaging beast who is punching him in the fact but all he's thinking about is the store sale he missed. That is truly funny.

The characters that can make me laugh and be serious are great. We can relate to these characters because we can see ourselves in them. Saitama reminds us we can all be heroes if we only put our mind to it!

My favorite anime character is Kakashi Atake from the anime series Naruto.

[image credit] (https://www.google.com)
Talk about resilience and amazing leadership qualities, he's got it. During his early years as a child and shinobi, he showed how important it is to care and show concern for others. He looked out for his teammates well. This was what he taught the team he nurtured (team 7). He is cool and calm. When under threat and difficulty, he first analyses the situation and see possible ways act. This emphasize the effectiveness of planning. Such a great character.


Maid-chans favorite character is of course Maid-chan!

She is the best - cutest, most intelligent and so on. Mere humans cannot even understand how good she is!

My favorite anime character is Chise Hatori, from Mahoutsukai no Yome. I like her so much because of how she is, quiet and thoughtful, and I also love how much she cares to protect others, and her passion for learning magic. She often puts herself in danger to help strangers, and has changed over time, becoming more confident and happy (she hated her life in the beginning, abandoned by her parents and marginalized for seeing magical creatures). She knows she is a Sleigh Beggy (powerful magical creature, attracts faeries, but short lived), but keeps exploring a hidden world, learning and making friends. I cannot wait to see where time will lead her, we will have to see!


I have lots of favorite character but I can't choose just one so I decided to pick the top 5 for me

Ichigo - A guy with a good heart
Natsu - brave and trustworthy
Naruto - Won't abandon friends
Luffy - A good leader and a big heart
Tsunayaoshi Sawada - A leader and a fearsome mafia

My beautiful Ciel Phantomhive is my favorite character.


I like it, its character, its way of being, its astuteness before the situations that are presented to it, to make a contract with a domain to get revenge on those who took away what you love, I think that is enough reason, even if with that your soul it is carried by a demon like Sebastian, who I also like in his role as a demon butler. I could say many more things about Ciel, but in theory, because he is a vengeful character, he takes my love.

large.jpg anime-ciel-ciel-phantomhive-kuroshitsuji-manga-favim-com-310904.jpg


My favorite character is Enma Ai, from the Hell Girl series, better known as Jigoku Shoujo, she is a girl who takes the revenge of all the bad people, those who commit crimes no matter how small they are, it's a girl who has a very great burden of pain and that is precisely the basis of her power, the pain and hatred that he carries inside, helps people who suffer, such as taking the role of judge in a case that merits it. What I admire most is how being so young has a realistic vision of life, is very mature and will help you get rid of your worst enemy.

Those she loved will wander through hell all eternity.

My favorite character will always be my beautiful Syaoran or shaoran;

tumblr_p25pf13uaY1v6bs4yo6_r1_250.gif tumblr_mq800sGyYT1rvo33yo1_500.gif

This character in both sakura card captor and tsubasa chronicle shows the perfect prince prototype, I fell in love since its appearance, in sakura card at first did not show those qualities with sakura but showed cold and distant, his aura was perfect, and his shyness with yukito it gave him a charming air, as a lover of the yaoi fascinated me, I am happier when he realized his feelings for sakura (another character that I like) the plot with them as a couple just spectacular, and now in the new season better still, since both are aware of their feelings for each other.


In Tsubasa Chronicle, more beautiful impossible, that concern that always showed by sakura, I loved, the role of gentleman is perfect, and made me dream of such a love, sadly I have not found it, but my heart will always belong to this character and his devotion for sakura, I confess that I suffered with the manga and when they finally said they love each other, CLAMP separates them, but well I'm not surprised, I hope you like my beautiful and loved Syaoran.


I really do not have a favorite anime character. But if I have to think about someone I would like to talk about for this post it would be Hanamichi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk.


For the development that the author gave him. At the beginning of the series, he is just a tall boy who lives failures in romantic relationships. But after immersing himself in the world of basketball he finds something that he really loves, at first motivated by his rivalry with Rukawa, but finally acting out of the simple desire to play and win in the sport he loves. Even if that meant cooperating with Rukawa.


My anime character favorite is: Lord Frieza from DBZ which in my opinion was and is actually the best antagonist of this series, he is a very evil, cunning and proud character, who seeks the absolute domination of his universe and the destruction of his nemesis Goku, from the first time I saw him on DB he got my total attention for his personality not tolerant even with his subordinates. powerful and authoritarian a true ruler as his nickname define him THE EVIL EMPEROR!!! frieza.gifDragon-Ball-Super-Episode-95-Recap-Review.jpg

My favorite anime character is ... Migi! From Parasyte.

Why do I like Migi?

Easy answer. Migi is one of the smarter characters I have ever seen, Migi is strong as well and very funny sometimes, parasites like Migi don't have gender but I will say "he" because it looks more like a male. So, he is part of an alien group that fell on earth and sneaked into people's ears to get to their brains and transform them into powerful and smart monster hidden in the society, in order not to be discovered and killed, with the only goal of destroying humanity and conquer the world. But Migi, is a special case, when he fell from the space trying to get into Shinichi's ear, the stupid parasite wasn't smart enough to get into his host's ear because Shinichi hit him with his hand while sleeping, (lol). So, since those parasites can't stay out of a human body for a long period of time, Migi had to take the decision to try to enter through his host's hand to get to the brain, but Shinichi was a nerd and smart enough to know how to stop it, and took a strip and twisted it around his arm, ha! so bad for the poor parasite that realizing he was dying for not reaching the brain at time, had to remain in shinichi's hand.

(Ok, so this an example of a successful brain invasion)

Following with why I love this character so much... After his failed invasion attempt, he had to live a life with his host, and talk to him every day. I like this character, because it has no emotions or feelings at the beginning, but he has to defend it's host from other parasites like him that reached their goal of becoming monsters, in order not to die, so basically Migi starts developing human feelings, and has to kill their alien "friends" to save his own life. Migi realizes that he can't do that, so he tries to move to another host's body, but since it was too risky he didn't try it anymore (such a narcissistic creature). But curiously, while this alien tries to protect Shinichi to protect itself, at the same time he starts to develop real love and friendship to him, and when Shinichi asked why he protected him if he has no feelings, he used the excuse that he needs to stay alive to conquer the world (this is not true anyway). Since he has nothing to do other than protecting the body where he lives, the little parasite decides to read human books, manga, watching television, and even giving advises to Shinichi with the same excuse mentioned before. He learns a lot of books in no time,learns Japanese in just 1 day and develops his own techniques to battle against enemies getting to be so strong he could defeat several parasites at the same time. Not to mention the smart parasite can be transformed into several weapons, such as a blade, a gun, a very strong arm, and even a key to turn on vehicles.

Yes, he speaks as well, but don't worry, most of the times he hides from people, except from Shinichi's girlfriend who discovered him, but ok, not giving spoilers over here in case anyone wants to watch the anime. I know this is not an usual character that people would like, however from him I learned that everyone has a monster inside, but always has someone who love and for whom to fight, maybe they don't let their beloved know how much they love them, but they do things to protect and look after them. Nothing else to say, this is the character I have chosen. Thanks for making me remind this amazing anime serie by writing this, I apologize for my still not developed English skills. I will proceed reading other contestants texts and go to sleep. Good luck everyone!


My favorite character is Goku, because he does everything he can to save his people, and if we visualize beyond, he gives better advice in the way he is when he is in a battle, he doesn’t give up no matter how strong the enemy is, we must e like goku, don’t give up so easily, regardless of the adversities we must all face and if these problems are very big we must do like him, get excited, as each problem, whether small or very large, short or long lasting, easy or difficult to overcome, will leave us a teaching.

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My favorite anime character is Kamui Kirito from Psycho Pass Season 2.

I like him because despite being the villian. He had enough charisma and character, to make me root for him.

It's not every day that I prefer the villians in an anime. I can count how many villians I'm a fan of.

Kamui Kirito made Psycho Pass suberb, so my vote goes to him.

I love samurai champloo and he is my favorite Anime

Ichigo Kurosaki Because Ichigo is a Human
who has Shinigami powers and is a Substitute
Shinigami. Ichigo is the son of Isshin and
Masaki Kurosaki, and older brother of Karin and Yuzu.

Ichigo's most distinguishing feature is his spiky
orange hair, a trait he has been ridiculed about
for years on end. He is a fairly tall, lean-built young
man with peach skin and brown eyes. He likes to
wear slim fitting clothes.

He has a tendency to wear shirts patterned
with the number 15 because his name is a homonym for the number.

Since becoming a Shinigami, he has
become noticeably more muscular,
as noted by his sister Karin.

When in his spiritual form, Ichigo wears
the standard Shinigami attire, with the
addition of a strap across his chest.
Initially, it was a thick brown belt to hold
his Zanpakutō sheath, but it later became
a red rosary-like strap after awakening his
own Shinigami powers.

ichi.jpg The photo is not mine, I just search it in google.

My absolute favorite anime character is Mako from "Kill La Kill."

She's fucking adorable!
She's full of energy, probably the most devoted friend a person could have, constantly upbeat, hilariously clumsy, self-sacrificial, outgoing, and she can see the best of any person or situation. She's that one friend who's always cheerful that we all wish we had (which makes her friendship with angsty Ryuko comically fantastic in the anime). She's basically a puppy dog on Red Bull.

If Hufflepuff ever needed a mascot representative, nobody would fit the bill better than Mako!

A very hard thing to decide, i have learnt so much from so many fictional characters!

I think I would have to go with Guts from Berserk - endless reasons

I don’t want another fairy tale story
Give me the blood, Guts and glory
I want to see death and devastation
Some world ending decimation

Give me a hero standing alone
Atop crumbling mountains of bone
I want to see him battle againts all odds
Fight toe to toe with demons and gods

I want a hero bristling with rage
Who frees his beast from the cage
A man who would gladly risk it all
Forfeit his soul before he’d fall

Give me a hero who loves to fight
Doesn’t care about wrong or right
One man alone against the horde
Clad in black with a giant sword

One man who refuses to admit defeat
Blood and bodies beneath his feet
One man who fights with all he’s got
He keeps her safe no matter what


Check out my post's 👍⚡♨️

In the 70's I enjoyed the best anime series I've ever known, called Sawuamura the champion, based on a karate champion, Tadashi Sawuamura, incredibly knew the art of Tahilanian boxing, to achieve the feat of being the champion of this discipline.

When I was only 8 years old I enjoyed it for a local channel here in Venezuela (RCTV). Every afternoon I saw her without fail. With my neighbor, we fought, imitating the scenes in our garden.

Good time of my childhood.

Thank you.

Carlos E. González B.

My favorite anime character is Goku. I feel that the most important quality in a character is for you to be inspired by them. There are plenty of inspiring stories in anime, but Goku is on another level of inspiration. Goku is the strongest anime character we've ever seen, not because he was born that way but rather because he worked for it. He earned that strength and that's an admirable quality that people respect.

I also enjoy watching growth in characters. We've literally seen Goku grow up from a child to a grandfather and he has still managed to stay humble and true to his values the whole way. It just makes Goku a more personal character and that is why so many people love him. We have seen Goku overcome challenges and grow stronger from each encounter. That is what life is all about, we can't beat everyone and everything life throws at us but we can get up every time life knocks us down.

This is why Goku is my favorite anime Character!

Kanon of Gemini, of the Saint Seiya Saga

My favorite Animé character is Kanon of Gemini, from the Saint Seiya saga, because his participation in the story is central. He was the great conspirator in the 12 houses of the Sanctuary of Greece to promote in his twin brother, Saga, desires to take power in this sacred place and to awaken the Sea God Poseidon, but then redeemed himself with Athenas before she was sacrificed to avoid fruitlessly the attack of the God of the underworld, Hades.
Its power, Galaxies Explosion, is one of the most powerful and allowed to defeat the powerful Rhadamanthys by immolating himself with it to achieve that the bronze knights, led by Seiya, could advance in the Castle of Hades and thus defeat it later.

I like Ashitaka because, although he is infected by a curse and He is told that he will die unless he is able to find a cure in the place of origin of the spirit, that cursed him, he is able to put aside his curse by being a mediator between humans and spirits, to save who loves

ultra instinct base20180125_134032.png
“You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm grateful!" - Kaori Miyazono

Hello! My favorite anime character would have to be Kaori Miyazono. Not because she is the strongest, not because she is the best, not because she always wins but because she tries even though the fight was unwinnable. Most anime main characters always have that "plot" armor where they will always have a chance to win, may it be some secret power or a hidden origin. Kaori doesn't have any of that. As a matter of fact, she was given a disadvantage. But knowing that didn't stop her, she fought on and became a shining beacon for others.

That's why I chose her. To be weak yet become other peoples strength is something I consider to be more important than any overpowered character.

I even made a tribute to her and for the series because she will always continue to inspire me to push on no matter what. Check it out 😊


hey @steamdan @davvas @javiervasquez check this contest !! <3

GOKU!!! Cos hes awesome...n yall know it!dragon-ball-super-goku-ultra-instinct-mastered-01.jpg

My favorite character of all time and always will be my beloved is son goku in dragonball anime

Son Goku is the main character in the Dragon Ball anime, Goku is known for his cheerful, energetic and competitive personality and He has an extraordinary kindness towards others, He has a simple view and has a very big grasp.
His most remarkable ability is his willingness to succeed, pushing himself beyond limitations, and never giving up even when in a state of urgency.


My favourite anime character is Shogo Makishima from the anime ''Psycho-Pass''


He's the main villain of the first part of the series. A sarcastic character, challenging, mocking, intelligent and strategist; the bad side, he's a cold killer but why do I like him? I like him because while people want to hide he wants to accept, he is a character whose psychology I find admirable because he is a character who makes you think about the minimum and about what is human nature.

It is an unusual character because it observes the world very differently from the daily rules imposed by society. Throughout the series challenges the other characters on what should be considered '' fair and correct '', what is real and how the human being deceives his own reality to achieve a false well-being.

makishima shogo psycho pass quotes.jpg

In the middle of a dystopian world where people did not think or decide for themselves he followed his own criteria and respected the imperfect nature of the human being.

His goal was to get people to be themselves, to live without the need of a machine or social orders imposed, so as not to lose the essence that makes us human and our instinct.

'' Not because most say that it's OK means that it is'' or ''Repressing your true desire makes you an empty person, live " defines this character very much

I often recommend this anime (psycho-pass) because the questions or actions carried out in each chapter are really impressive.


Even though his actions were wrong, I consider that his mission was correct.