In a continual struggle; Blood C - Anime (Review)

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Hello friends of Steemit, this time I come with another of my reviews about a quite peculiar anime that I want to recommend if you have a good stomach, it is Blood C which was directed by Ushiki Yoshitaka and produced by Production I.G

This anime will be much more grotesque than the previous one with the genres of gore, horror, supernatural, psychological and a lot of action.

However, before I start, I need to guide them regarding the term "gore" in case they do not even know what it means in the world of anime:

It is a more grotesque horror genre where blood has been quite integrated, usually when an anime usually has this genre will mean that this will be very bloody and could have scenes not very suitable for all kinds of people.

The story will focus on a young high school girl named Saya Kisaragi who lives a very full and happy life in a small village next to her father, she lives in a temple that she must take care of with her father due to some monsters called Furukimono, These are beasts that love to devour humans and the most dismal thing is that they do not do it out of hunger, but for the sheer pleasure of it, Saya will dedicate her time to eliminate these beasts in order to protect what she loves the most. friends in the same way as the town.

Everything will be unpredictable when Saya manages to remember her past and realize that everything is a lie and that it was just a puppet they used to protect the village.


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It should be noted that Blood C is an alternative continuation of the movie Blood: The Last Vampire being thus a second version that makes the film, each with the same theme but very different.

This anime really I liked a lot, the only bad thing is that the anime is chopped as for a second season, counting with only 12 bloody chapters full of a little bit of everything, however there is no reason to be alarmed of being stung as it has a movie called Blood C: The last dark which will be the continuation of this great series that will leave us wanting more.

The film continues with the events that occurred at the end of the anime, however this time we will find a Saya totally different from what had been in the past or rather in the anime.


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