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4년 전

Hello Steemians! This is another one of my March Draft but I don't remember where I drew this from. It was definitely from a manga cover, though. I just don't remember the name of the manga.


(Source: Picture taken by @ryunamist) Manga Cover Art

I've been watching k-pop and eating a lot since morning. I don't remember the last time I ate so much. The summer is really killing me, though. I just want to take a dip in a quite swimming pool (although I can't swim 😂😂).

I've been thinking of doing portrait of real life people these days. But the problem is that I'm always struggling with the hair. I need a lot of practise in the hair department because I run out of patience real quick! I hope I can get something done and share with you all soon.

Here's a few snapshot of process of this one.


(Source: Picture taken by @ryunamist) Final Pen Sketch


(Source: Picture taken by @ryunamist) First Base Color


(Source: Picture taken by @ryunamist) Darken the colors


(Source: Picture taken by @ryunamist) Continue adding darker shades and use eraser to create highlights

What do you think of my art? Let me know!😄

That's all for this post! Thank you for visiting.
See you soon 😘😘
Have a great day~~

(Image Source)

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Beautiful work sir
You're quite talented


Thanks a lot! 😁

wish I could draw like you , it is very life- like, well done x


Thank you so much! I'm still learning but it means a lot.

I like the feeling and the eye contact you drew in this picture :)


Thank you! I loved the reference image I drew this from. The eye contact was really subtle and sweet.


You're welcome! I think that you have successfully conveyed the subtleness and sweetness of their eye contact :)