6 Bad Artist Habits To Avoid

11개월 전

6 Bad Artist Habits To Avoid

Even though I am not used to sharing other people's content, this is way too good for not sharing so with my fellow artists.

I simply can't recommend Bobby Chiu and what he says enough. His philosophy is extraordinary and worthy of admiration. I myself found so inspired after crossing paths with him, that I needed to challenge myself and change something in my routine and daily habits

That's right.

I started a new routine. Well, probably not-so-new if you know me from quite a long time ago. But decided to start once again with my daily practices.

Despite the short time I got in my life and all the things happening, I will start my own personal challenge to do a daily drawing/practice/warmup and share it with all of you guys. Because that's what you do when you ain't got any time boi!

With all the wiggly wiggly just exposed, I invite you to check this video, and will share more in the future. It really changed my point of view towards many things I was and probably am still lacking.

I truly hope it will serve to your purpose and help you in this tough path of the artist!


(All the images in this post are my own creation and therefore I own their rights)

Hey guys!

I am a simple fellow that is learning to learn.

In our future lives the main skill that humans will need to overcome adversity is the hability to reinvent themselves. This is why having a flexible mind is something we all need to develop, along with a flexible set of emotions and physique.

Join me in this adventure of discovering your true nature, and redesign it for the times-to-come!


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