Favycoin Exchange (500 $Token Bonus as signup)

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Hello friends,

   Today I am sharing with you a single upcoming exchange with different features that represents different itself among other exchanges. Here are the features below-


12 Reasons to buy Favycoin-

  1. Currency Transactions
  2. Automatic Exchange
  3. Internal exchange
  4. TOP exchange gateways
  5. Demand Deposits
  6. Intra-system Card Products
  7. Enhanced integration of links between crypto-currency and fiat
  8. The integration of instant transfer systems
  9. Unique verification methods combined with existing blockchain
  10. Fully functional web wallet
  11. Best possible exchange rate
  12. Buy and sell coins directly

          Apart from that, you guys can get signup bonus of 500 tokens of favycoin. So hurry up- because time is limit for this offer and join through the link below-


You guys can know more about this particular website by watching the video below-

               The best thing about this coin is that people already invested high amount there for profit and they already cross their soft core sale and move on to the hard core sale. Well, this is not the financial advice- So do your study as well. If you guys want to invest now then you are able to receive for 70% Bonus and join through the link below- 


Before investing anything/anywhere, please check out the vision of the company profile that will help you to understand much better as an analysis in the upcoming time value of that particular industry.


      The market of financial offerings inevitably changes over the time. the modern day guy desires the offerings adapted precisely to his wishes. With appreciate to the wishes of the current consumer and the evaluation of the market of financial services, we hereby have the cause to create a unique product, which permits each day to save precious time. Our purpose is to create the worldwide, robust and main coin. With the assist of the cutting edge technology we have developed a completely unique idea of the future financial institution. This would permit each consumer to perform all of the important monetary operations truly at one area. Upon the evaluation of the recognition of ever growing digital foreign money, we've got drawn interest to using the currencies in a real international. Favycoin, that can offer all of the possible financial offerings for the clients effortlessly, thoroughly and for an inexpensive charge. 

Even you guys can make comparison of favycoin with other crypto-


Why Exchange

1. Register Online

You can register with Favycoin by phone or via our online registration form; it's easy, fast and free!

2. Get a Rate

Once registered, you can get a dealing rate online or from your Account Manager.

3. Trade Online

Our market-leading online plateform allows you to buy currency and make transfers online 24/7

4. Complete Transfer

Depending on the currency you’re sending, your transfer will arrive the 1 hour

5. Multiplatform Service

The web dashboard and iOS/Android app give users instant access to trading signals and Trading Pool performance

6. Security and low fees

Using Blockchain technology the security and low fees are guaranteed


 Proof of stake is a typical computer algorithm through which some cryptocurrencies achieve their distributed consensus. It is also a better alternative to the proof of work algorithm by achieving the same distributed consensus at a lower cost and in a more energy efficient way.Staking POS currencies is definitely one of the smartest ways to earn passive income. And in many currencies, the entry barrier is low to get started. 

Even they have already launched their own wallet.

and in the future they will going to launch the debit card in cryptocurrency with multiple crypto and many more. If you guys want to learn more about this then please make sure to go to the website by the link below and learn more-


 Favycoin Distribution

ICO Sale Start                       5th August - 31st October 2018 GMT ( UTC )

Favycoin Symbol                  FAN

Coin Type                               SHA-256 Encrypted

Favycoin for sale pre ico     - ico4000000000

Favycoin price1 FAN            =  $0.01

Soft Cap                                  1000 BTC 

Hard cap                                2000 BTC

Accept Currency                   BTC

Minimum Contribution      0.01 BTC 

Let me know that what you guys think about this coin by commenting below-

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