Antidepressant Use


In recent years, the effectiveness of antidepressant drugs has been widely discussed in the medical community as well as in the public opinion and among the charlatans.


According to popular publications, such drugs do not have any benefits, even pests. The article reads that these general assumptions and the public know the general suspicion of such treatments.

The individual cannot resist the order and stumble without knowing what to do in the face of waiting problems. He stays under the staggering issues. He also applies to the consultant at a threshold he cannot cope with.

The individual expects the consultant for whom he / she asks for help not to have an alternative consciousness. Don't carry him so he doesn't want to deal with problems and deal with problems.


Since all drugs are produced by a chemical synthesis, what are the drugs other than synthetic drugs? Natural remedies. I'm actually against natural remedies. A typical public bias. Natural drugs are less dangerous than chemical drugs.

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