Classic Toys - Dinky 351 UFO Interceptor 1977 in original box

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This is a classic British diecast toy made from 1971-1980.
The early ones had a white rocket, and this later one is probably about 1977.
It was based on a TV series of the time called UFO and its later spin off, Space 1999, created by the same genius who made Thunderbird's and many other puppet based kids programs, Gerry Anderson .
These pics are of a toy in my personal collection and I'll be trying to list one every day right here on STEEMIT
First pic is of the advertising used by Dinky and shows some others they made from the same TV series.
It was used to shoot down UFO's when they dared to land on earth and had to get past Moonbase where these interceptors were based.
On this model, you can put a cap under the missile which goes off when you fire it.
Original box and inner packing with this one too, although not truly mint.
I'll dig a few out that will make you think they were made yesterday over the following posts.
Keep checking me to see another rare classic toy every day.


WhatsApp Image 2018-02-11 at 1.40.18 AM.jpeg

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Yeah...lovely toys.
I wish I could play with that when I was in age of my daughter now (7) :)


You can't play with them.
It's been in the box since 1977


I know... I meant when I was in age 7-8 I liked playing with dinkies however in Poland you could get nice one only from the most expensive shop with $... And most of people could not affort to do it. :(
So we could play with some plastic worse quality little cars.

I had the interceptor and transporter, my father used to get me a big bag of used toys handed down from his boss's son at Christmas, happy days!