Classic Toys - Dinky 561 Blaw Knox Bulldozer. 1951. Original Box

2년 전

This is a great toy, really solid and heavy.
Made from 1949-1964 although later ones had some plastic bits !!!
What a travesty!. Hows that going to require a trip to accident and emergency with your brother when you throw it at him?
Even the box weighs more than the toys they make now.
The tracks are made of real rubber and its rare to find one with those still intact as age makes them brittle.
Pulling the lever lifts up the shovel at the front and how this one avoided digging up someones garden in the 1950's is a mystery to me.
First pic is taken from a book I've had for years and shows other toys of the same line from Dinky.
A crane and dumper truck.
Worst thing is, I cant let the grand kids play with them after 50+ years being locked away can I?


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Sometimes I miss being a kid..