Anxieties in Life!


Today we all suffer anxieties in it own shapes and sizes. Some face anxieties of work while others anxieties of relationships.
Ps 55:22 states "Throw your burden on God, and he will sustain you." These words are so convincing and real that we carry our faith and belief in God's word.
I see these pain and anxieties in day to day bases in the people around me. Hard to take pictures as they might be stored and carry pain to others by watching them. This young generation have lost the charm of childhood that I myself enjoyed 45+ years ago. The remote has taken the control over children's mind and growth. Emotions are occupied by anxieties to make one weak.
Family bonds replaces separations. People bow to temporary happiness than everlasting life. We all got to wake up and start over. Start over so we can all be happy. Start to prayer, talk to our father in heaven. Ask for forgiveness and give us strength to overcome these anxieties and live happily. Thank God for everything.
Thank you ALL for reading.

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