So AOC's gonna go after Latino politicians? Seems kinda racist.

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I actually really hope that AOC will make good on her vow to call out any politicians who don't use the term "Latinx." Just as a matter of statistics, she's gonna piss a lot of people off really fast.

Granted, she's in a "blue, no matter who" district. I don't think she'll piss her voters off enough to lose her job; but, she'll lose popularity among her peers.

Statistically, most Latinos aren't even familiar with the term. Of the people who know the term, the majority don't like it and won't use it. Only about 3% of adult Latinos use the term "Latinx."

So, AOC is already showing and is likely to continue to show her narcissism and delusions of grandeur. Forget the fact that this isn't how language changes. You don't just get a couple of elitis to change and invent words and go around demanding that us plebes follow their command. Even if language were decided democratically, she'd be dramatically on the losing side of the vote. What's more, the majority of people who would vote with her are white people.

If she just wanted to let us all know that she's become convinced that "Latinx" is the right word and that she's gonna use it from now on, that'd be fine. I'd still be laughing at her; but, I'm already doing that. The idea that this not very bright kid is going to go around lecturing people is simply delightful and likely to lead to a lot of fun footage of her making an ass out of herself.

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