Contest Winners: 7 Oct - 13 Oct

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Hello Everyone !

So, It's the time to announce the winners of this week contests i.e. SBI Contest #017 - #019

1. SBI Contest #017: Win a SBI share for an interesting fact

Well the last week contest was also a great success. We got 12 valid entries form
@wongbraling | @qwerrie | @blockurator | @johndoer123 | @chrismadcboy2016 | @mrnightmare89 | @barmbo | @aggamun | @kirstin | @darthgexe | @frugalgamer | @chunkysoupsvc |
You can check the entries here

And the Winner is @johndoer123

Wombat poop is a's a cube.

2. SBI/SM Contest #018: Tell me a Joke and win SBI share or SM card

So, we got entries from
@ninahaskin | @chunkysoupsvc | @n1hal | @cadawg | @frugalgamer | @kirstin | @barmbo | @darthgexe | @fredkese | @mimismartypants
You can check the entries here

And the winner is @n1hal

John: Veer today is a really bad day. It is my birthday and nobody wished me. Not even my parents!!!
Veer: That is because nobody likes to remember their mistakes. 😂

3. SBI Contest #019: Landscape Challenge

Winner @wongbraling

All the Rewards has been sent...
Thanks to all the participants and congrats to the winners.

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Thanks 😊

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Congrats to all winners