Sports Contests #052: Get A chance to win SPORTS + DERANGED daily from 600Sports Pool

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Hello Everyone!

I am back again with the 52th edition of our contest

  • Leave a comment with your username (I am in @iampolite).
  • The contest will start every day at 18:30 UTC
  • This contest is open 12 hours before the post payout.
  • Rewards will be distributed on Sundays.

Additional Rules for contest

  1. Upvote the Post.
  2. Tag a friend and follow me for daily contest updates (optional)
  3. Resteem is not necessary, however, you will get a chance to get some extra rewards for resteem.
  4. The first three participants will get a DERANGED token also.
  5. The Winner will get 500 SPORTS and Two other Random participants will get 50 SPORTS each. However, I am still working to give every participant a price and to increase the winner's reward.

Also, I created an invite list for this contest, if you don't want to be included in that list please let me know via comment. Thanks
@angel3000, @barmbo, @bitandi, @certain, @davidesimoncini, @elider11, @eriq, @fredkese, @jijiecharles, @justlee87, @kirstin, @lacl, @levi-miron, @lostprophet, @monsterbuster, @onebiz, @qwerrie, @rickie, @sacra97, @samsemilia7 , @shaungerow, @sifondeseltz, @siphon, @wongbraling, @yesiyen, @yorra

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i am in @aditus

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I am in @eriq