Apex Legends Gun Tier List

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Well the gun choice might be a little tricky if you are a new player in Apex Legends , however everytime you decide to watch a stream or a tournament you will probably see same weapons over and over and ask yourself why ? Eventhough 95 percent of weapons are quite deadly in the game and its balanced there is a tier list for them obviously some weapons are better.

My Tierlist is






I don't say it these are the weapons you need to use in games , however these are considered as the best weapons in Apex Legends. I will leave some charts now to see the damage of each weapons.



Pistols are quite nice in early game when you are both rushing for weapons in the early battle like Airfield or somewhere high tier loot , however you don't see them in the mid game , but there is one exception for this in Pistols and that is Wingman. Wingman is an amazing weapon with high damage and a lot of pro-players are playing it but if you don't trust your aim no need to play it.




Well when it comes to SMG's sadly there aren't many option to consider , the R-99 is the best one if you are not going to play wingman as a second weapon you really need to play R-99 because of its compability to 1x Digital Threat scope or Prowler with a selectfire is a nice choice too.




Well I need to admit , shotguns are pretty overpower in this game like any othergame and I don't want to tell more about this, it is the easiest weapon to give you some easy kills eventhough you are noob , I highly reccomend new players to play shotgun.


Lightmachine Guns


In this category there are only 2 weapons its devotion and Spitfire , I prefer devotion because the weapon working mentality is more interesting to me , however I highly reccomend new players to play Spitfire , because without the correct attachments and a little experience devotion sucks.


Sniper Rifles


Well if I don't play engage champion like Bangalore I would love to use sniper all game , because it feels really powerfull in a mid-range fight and I wouldn't change a full longbow with skullpiercer rifle with any other gun the damage is insane the bulletdrop is low and it destroys enemies.


Well the thing is the game is battleroyale and you won't ever have your favourite setup most of the time , however I think its usefull to know what these guns do and how much damage it can deal , but in the end you can kill anyone with any weapon except the P2020

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Calling a gun the peacekeeper is an irony in itself.

love wingman dude

vaaay çok iyi oyun he