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Apex Legends has taken the battle royals by storm. It is considered a significant competitor to current royal games such as Fortnight and PUBG. The game is trendy and loved in the gaming community. Apex Legends managed to get 25 million players just a week after its release. Whereas, Fortnight approaches this number 3-4-. It took months.

Apex Legends Hack Features:

Features of Apex Legends Ambot Hack Tool: We have some fantastic Apex Legends Hack features that you can find anywhere on the internet. Now look at the features of the hack.

Apex Chimes Hack (now online):

  • Shining Team Cam
    Shining Enemy Chames
  • Complete wallhack
  • Not detected by EAC

Apex aimbot hack:

Instant kill emboss
Movement forecast
Frame compensation
Goal point

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