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Hello steemians,
Its @amec here today and am going to be evaluating some concepts about blockchain technology and some of its variables respectively,most especially about APOLLO CRYPTO CURRENCY which i see as a revolutionary coin with a magnificent ecosystem that will massively disrupt the crypto atmosphere as well as improve the ways we interact with the internet and other aspects of our daily lives.


I took my time to make this post as simple and detailed as possible to make it easy for anyone at all,whether crypto literate or not to comprehend quickly the objectives and goals of this posts topics of discussion which are:

😍APOLLO as a crypto currency


The world we all live in today is very dynamic and randomly open to series of evolution stages that improve the way we live,especially in terms of technology,techology has seemed to create a raging fire to burn down old generation concepts and replace them with better alternatives,a good example of a past/current revolutionary technology is the INTERNET which has completely changed the way humans interact with each other and things around them,in the same vein,the internet has created a mass avenue for a lot of incentives to be implemented through its existence....its due to this nature of occurencies that a next generation technology called THE BLOCKCHAIN was created.


The BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY was invented by an unknown person who uses a pseudo name and also the inventor of Bitcoin, SATOSHI NAKAMOTO in 2008 which was capable of accommodating Bitcoin as well as other future cryptocurrencies and hence recording their transactions and interference on a distributed public ledger which cant be altered by anyone or central authority such as the government.


After the invention of bitcoin,it was notable that it still lacked a lot of other features which made it look incomplete alongside scaling issues which came into occurrence when the currency started to gain some popularity and usage,due to this factors,some crypto enthusiasts developed some crypto currencies to substitute for the setbacks and limitations of Bitcoin...some of them included LITECOIN which was used for faster traansactions, MONERO facilitated private transactions,ETHEREUM to build and manage advanced smart contracts on the blockchain e.t.c


The use of these crypto currencies were actually useful until people realised that it was rather difficult to individually use all these crypto currencies to carry out operations on the blockchain,moreso some of these specific purposeful cryptocurrencies are unable to fully perform their functions as expected,for example,litecoin eventually wasnt as fast as expected and liable to scaling issues as seen here,monero also wasnt fully secure and users privacy and IP could be compromised.


This is why a set of crypto enthusiasts[apollo foundation] carefully evaluated the problems and limitations of the crypto space and set out to create a solution to these existing problems as well as an upgrade to the existing solutions in the crypto currency industry into just 1 revolutionary crypto currency to rule over them all...its name? APOLLO!!!


APOLLO is an all in one efficient crypto currency being built off the nxt blockchain to combine all the essential features and provide upgrades to the limitations and setbacks of crypto coins,in the same vein apollo was created with the aim to ease the operations of entirely new dudes in crypto by providing an all in one platform to tirelessly serve all their needs.Apollo is capable of handling fully sophisticated operations such as as fully anonymous transactions,multi signature transactions,decentralised marketplace and an alias system among various other functions.



Apollo has a set of features that will change the crypto currency industry into something much more better than anyone has seen before;some of the variables apollo will utilise in acheiving the next generation milestone are:


    This is the first variable that completely makes APOLLO unique to all other cryptocurrencies in existence today,all thanks to apollo coin,its now possible to make transactions completely anonymous online without compromising your IP address or any related information that can be used to TRACK the sender. In fact the receiver wont be able to see the sending address talkless of finding/tracking the sender....APOLLO acheives this feature through the use of the variables listed below:


[i] IP MASKING:apollo uses a 3 layer ip masking security to make the users location unparallel hence making it impossible for anyone to track the location of another user on its blockchain,this feature will most likely be adopted by countries to tighten and significantly upgrade their security systems to fight criminals,internet users will also finally be at ease to freely interact with the internet without any fear of been tracked and monitored.


[ii] ALIAS SYSTEM:the apollo blockchain has an alias system which enables users to create,link and manage multiple aliases[names] to make transactions on the apollo blockchain,although its useful to note that aliases are parallel to words/names in real life and can be claimed only once through a creation process where you have to pay a little fee[4 apl atm] to the network own the name,you can also decide to sell and transfer ownership authority of aliases to other accounts.


This feature will surely be useful in instances such as charities where people would love to donate without being identified or to anonymously fund crowd funding projects,its also useful and cool to send money to aliases instead of typing long addresses every time.

[iii] DATA STORAGE:apollo has an advanced data storage system that enables users to store unlimited information on its blockchain,this information could be pictures,videos or random files and the owner of the data can specify whether to make such information private/public,additionally the data stored on the apollo blockchain cant be deleted and is forever existent with timestamps attached to it for future reference.


This feature will be most used by institutional organisations to store their bulky data on the apollo blockchain,hospitals arent left out either,health records of millions of patients worldwide can be easily secured and stored on the apollo blockchain....it may also be used in government systems to store voting results or even maybe utilised by civilians such as you and I to store our personal useful information such as;wills,certificates and so on,the list is endless.

[iv] ENCRYPTED MESSAGING and ENRYPTED TRANSACTIONS:through the implementation of the olympus protocol on the apollo blockchain,users will be able to send/transfer files/data and messages anonymously without such information being leaked/compromised by a third party,its even more interesting to know that such transactions will be verifiable but the source data of the transaction containing the information is invisible.


This feature could be extensively utilized by corporations to manage a secure network of communication and data flow which is untraceable and reliable,confidential data relating to national security can also be efficiently stored on the apollo blockchain.

  • ASSET AND CURRENCY SYSTEM:apollo** recognizes the need for people to virtually represent and associate concepts,equities,commodities and real world assets on the blockchain and hence has an asset system capable of instantly issuing and managing simple assets on its platform as well as trading such assets on its internal asset exchange securely while maintaining maximum privacy


In the same vein,apollo has a currency system which could be used to instantly create currencies which can be instantly traded on apollo decentralized exchange or even on external exchanges,currencies on the apollo blockchain have more sophisticated than assets.Currencies are more suitable for business establishments on the apollo blockchain for infant industries establishment on the blockchain,this incentive will save a lot of costs for start up projects.

  • DECENTRALISED EXCHANGE AND MARKETPLACE:decentralization is basically the future of interaction which is why apollo is decentralized and has a decentralized market place set up where apollonauts[users of apollo] can privately sell their possessions and related communities in exchange for apollo,as mentioned above,apollo has a decentralized exchange where infant coins can get listed and traded respectively


  • VOTING FEATURE:apollo is a coin built around an active community and thus members of the apollo community can openly create and manage polls on the apollo blockchain and interestingly limit the participation of such polls to a defined set of people which enables the user get the right and desired attention and response,voting poll can also be used to generate opinions from apollonauts to determine what is best for the network when the need arises.


  • MULTI-SIGNATURE AND PHASED TRANSACTIONS:the sophisticated nature of apollo makes it possible for users to manage joint accounts and send joint transactions in such a way that transactions have to be confirmed by all connected accounts before it can be sent out.You can connect accounts of people you trust like your spouse,brother sister etc to serve as an extra layer of security.


This is my favourite feature second to the privacy features because I see a lot of usability around this feature, take for example,a scenario where you mistakenly expose your private keys and someone gets hold of them and tries to send your funds out won't be possible if you are using a multi-sig account because it will require the authentication of a 2nd,3rd account which the intruder doesnt have access to at that moment.


The use cases are also limitless,it could be used to manage institutional funds of board members of companies in the future and also used by couples to manage a joint accounts or even by parents to monitor spending by their children.APOLLO TO THE MOON AND ABOVE.

CONCLUSION:APOLLO is a a next generation blockchain built off the nxt blockchain to revolutionise the future of blockchain technology through its mind blowing features,applications and incentives.Personally I will say APOLLO is a one in a million type of crypto that people will wish they had secured tons of it early to secure their future...apollo is currently available on exchanges such as idax coinbene coinpulse if you want to secure some APOLLO for the future revolution.To get more information about apollo,you can visit this links;

official website web wallet telegram community official twitter


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  ·  2년 전

Apollo Currency is essentially a hybrid all of the awesome coins and tokens in the crypto space. The team is amazing and the project is rooted in good intent and actions. The decentralized marketplace is operable and soon the Decentralized Exchange will be accessible directly from the wallet itself.

  ·  2년 전

We are like minded....am sure the team will be happy to see that you appreciate their project

With what ive read here i really need to go check it out.. Read on it some more.

  ·  2년 전

Its an amazing coin with cool concepts

Damn this post is damn long... Apollo have a strong usecase and the project itself is amazing, for a long term investment I do believe it's going to stay strong in the game... All the best.

  ·  2년 전

thanks a lot for the nice words dear

Nice and awesome project.... Really long but worth reading

Does apollo have any intentions to get listed on any bigger exchanges like binance,bittrex?

  ·  2년 전

Yeah... They obviously do...they were to get listed on hitbtc of recent but due to scam/fraud reports by hitbtc members....they decided not to get listed on it but am quite sure better exchanges will come in the future

I have believed in the Apollo Project since i read about it,i know this would really revolutionalize the crypto space and blockchain ecosystem,
BTW,i had no idea of the aliases,i would go ahead to create some for myself and friends too...

@amec,is there any discord community for Apollo Project?


  ·  2년 전

wow....thanks a lot for resteeming my post...am really grateful
yeah....i will make another entire post very soon about aliases,how to create,manage and trade them.....aliases are one of the top notch incentives on apollo and it can be very lucrative for early adopters and yes here is apollo discord community

All I can say is that this write up is just excellent
All members of the Apollo community needs to read this genius write up
You are wonderful

  ·  2년 전

wow...you are so kind dear...thanks a lot for the mind blowing complements....am flattered

I have hesrd so much about apollo and I do think it is a a next generation blockchain built to revolutionise the future of blockchain technology through its mind blowing features,applications and incentives.
I'm also glad to know that it is already trading on exchanges and every one should ensure they have it now to avoid regrets in the nearest future.


  ·  2년 전

thanks for stopping by @julietisreal
apollo is without any doubt a very good form of investment
you are really lucky o be part of the revolution at this early stage

It’s really hard to sift through the good coins from the crap. So many are disguised with the illusion of technology to look like the real deal. I believe Apollo will be a winner for you! Having watched from the very beginning, their actions have shown the desire to not settle for mediocrity.

It's also hard to see anyone as positive and optimistic about the Apollo project as you, I sincerely hope they can fulfill their potentials.

Good post @amec 👍

  ·  2년 전

Yeah... I agree with you man....the apollo team have been very honest ever since the beginning of the project,there was a time that a youtuber threw some fud at them and they immediately made a counter video to rebunk his allegations which were false and not solid...am gladly a true believer😍

Wow, kudos dear, this writeup is just too excellent! I so much believe in apollo and i know it's going to make a difference in blockchain technology

  ·  2년 전

Thanks for the nice words dear
Apollo to the moon and beyond😊

This is amazing!
The privacy feature is next to non, which is mind resting.
I believe in Apollo
Apollo to the moon!

  ·  2년 전

yeah....privacy is actually my first thumbs up for apollo coin

i didnt know about APOLLO until i read this and now i am so in love

  ·  2년 전

hahahaha.....thats so sweet
APOLLO is too good that you just gotta passionately fall in love

Wow... It really sounds like a great coin.. I'd like to purchase some but would do some personal research first before any investments..

However, before i move on, I'd like you to affirm that this is not just some hype and you really believe in this coin..

  ·  2년 전

I think this is considerably hype but a healthy one generated from Apollo unique features.....it deserves all the praises it can get in my own opinion....and yes am a true believer in apollo...

I won't give a damn about them until the give me my token for the airdrop form I filled



  ·  2년 전

Probably you could excercise some more patience....the team are working hard to improve the platform and its slowing down the distribution process...you will surely get your airdrop tokens😊

Apollo seem a peculiar crypto currency from its compatriots. It sounds really amazing and a very great project in it self, one everyone should key into as it seem the next generation project 🙌💕💕

Great job sire, this is a very detailed and useful post

  ·  2년 전

wow.... Am really honoured at your kind comments....thanks thanks thanks

Excellent writeup. Is there a limit to the number of aliases i can create?

  ·  2년 전

Nah man..... You can have as much as you like, they just have to be available for you to posses them...

Very long post! My Steemit brain is no longer accustomed to reading long stuff but you kept it interesting and now I’m off to making more research.

Couples creating a joint account on the blockchain will be interesting 😂

  ·  2년 전

Hahahaha.... Thanks for reading all through
Yeah,the joint account thing is kind of really fascinating to me too... Its usecases are still far above that

Wow! This is such a creative and detailed review about apollo.

I was wondering though, how do you see the price actions and movements in both short term and long term?

  ·  2년 전

Well about that,the crypto market is highly unpredictable and volatile in nature but I believe that as adoption of apollo gradually takes place and the value increases through corresponding demand.....the prices are going to look really good

Apollo is no doubt a great initiative. One of the best in the privacy community.

  ·  2년 전

its the best.....i havent seen anything like it before
thanks for stopping by

Apollo is going great..

  ·  2년 전

Yeah yeah..... The moon is certain

Hello @amec

Thank you so much for taking your time to write this post as this is one of the most detailed posts about Apollo I’ve seen so far.

Will apollo be able to run smart contracts like ethereum and neo?

  ·  2년 전

Yeah.... Its in their roadmap....will be fully effective when they deploy hermes 4.0

Nice post @amec...... I really love the images you used....they are really cool.

  ·  2년 전

Thanks for stopping by @prechi

According to what you said about the asset and currency system of apollo, does that mean that ico can take place on apollo and its sufficient enough to host various types of coins to suit the start ups?

  ·  2년 전

exactly @alisonudeme .In fact the projects can use the apollo blockchain to create accurate specifications and functionalities for their coin such as whether it should be mintable,controlled,initial and total supply etc