I have been trying to take my girl Bindi on a nightly walk in her new set of wheels. ...

21일 전

... She hasn’t taken to it on her own which is disappointing. She just stands there waiting for something to happen. My hopes were that I could pop her in the yard and she could take out her energies there. Not gonna happen. But, she has adapted well to walking in it if I lead her which is what we have been doing every day. She loves it and handles that like a champ. At least there is that. Her mobility is limited with the DM, and all she wants to do is walk. Between the DM and now the cognitive issues she’s dealing with, she whines uncontrollably when are can’t walk which makes life fairly difficult. We switched her meds to Selegiline and she’s 4 days in thus far. Been a rough few days as she gets adjusted on the new pills. This is the last card I have to play. If this does not help matters, I’ll have to do what’s best for her and make the hardest decision for one of my pups once again. I’ve pretty much been an emotional trainwreck as I think about the most likely outcome of all of this...making that call is going to kill me. But I’m hoping that the meds help in calming and easing her anxiety. If we could just nip that...it would all be good as she’s healthy in all the other ways which is nutty considering she turns 16 in less than 2 hours. It’s heartbreaking to see her so vulnerable and full of angst as she was so full of life and personality not too long ago. I guess I can’t be too mad though as 16 years is a great ride all things considered. Anyway, she’s laying down now thankfully and sure that will only last an hour or two before she’s back up for another night of limited sleep. For now, I’m thankful I was able to take my girl on a long beautiful walk together. Something we really haven’t been able to do for some time now. All thanks to her cart. Fingers crossed for her meds to start helping...because of not, I lose my baby girl. Nite world.


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It's a huge transition for her to make I guess, and certainly difficult for you too. The last thing we want for our pets is for them to suffer which you alluded to and making that decision will be very difficult. I've done it and it's shattering.

Best of luck cobber.

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Hugs to you, @blewitt. I’m so sorry for what your going through. There’s so much wonder and joy in being a pet parent, and then there are those really tough, really anguishing aspects of it. I wish you didn’t have to face that.

Big hugs to you and the pooch Chris. Sucks to hear she doesnt understand her new situation, or maybe she still needs some days? One thing she knows is your love for her! Take care of her buddy ..and yourself

Such a cute doggie.

I guess it may just take a little more time to find her new normal

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I'm so sorry, man. I know you'd move heaven and earth for that girl, and I've got my fingers crossed the new meds help out. Keep us posted. My wife and I both send our love to you and Bindi (and the rest of your family).

..ohh man!..don’t want to be in your shoes..can imagine how hard it is seing a good friend or almost one‘s best friend or baby getting such hard times..sooner or later we will all get old, the one with other without problems..cross fingers..all my best wishes..

oh man that is heartbreaking @blewitt :( I cannot even imagine how emotionally hard this must be for you too! Have you tried cbd oil? It is really good at treating anxiety as well as a million other things. Sending both you and Bindi lots of love! xoxoxoxo

!giphy dog


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How disappointing sorry to hear this but let's hope things turn around and it wont come to that.