SteemOG anyone? This is a cross that a member from @Canna-Curate @jonyoudyer. This ...

2개월 전

... plant is needing to be transplanted this weekend to a 3 gallon fabric pot.

You can come join canna today and share with some awesome stoners.


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Those leaves are epic! I think you got a good one there


Yeah they are great looking, Transplanting today so I'll be making a post

Looks great. It’s definitely ready for a bigger pot. You must have it under lights right? It’s winter where you are isn’t it? What light you using?


Yes it is in my tent with 2 300 watt leds. It is winter here now yeah so temp sits around 21c

Looks like it's getting beefy from whatever you're fertilizing with.
I have 5 Steem OG seedlings at the moment, but I don't fertilize, so they look a bit different :p


No nutes yet this is all worm casting and promix.


Worm castings are best!
What age? What kind of light?