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🤩 Thank you 🙏🏼

Hi! Did you know that is now censoring users and posts based on their opinions?
All the posts of these users are gone!

Here's a list of some banned users:
'roelandp', 'blocktrades', 'anyx', 'ausbitbank', 'gtg', 'themarkymark', 'lukestokes.mhth', 'netuoso', 'innerhive'
See anyone you recognize? There could be more, they also have a remote IP ban list.

Will you be censored next?

Great to see you back bro 👊


Thanks. Me either 💪🏻

Hey @capt.shlee, this post been upvoted with my voting power, individually calculated here for your account.

Awesome shot! Looking forward to better times ahead!


Thanks. Ye~ it will going better.

카를교 야경이 짱 이뻐요


꼭 또 보고 싶은데 이놈의 코로나가 아주 ㅜㅜ 다이빙도 못하고 죽겠어요.

Nice city..🙂

wow amazing view