Berlin S-Bahn Sunset Reflection 2007 ☀️ 🌇 Sunset reflection on the Elsenbrücke - ...

6개월 전

... Original Photography that I took a long time ago 😎📸😊 The Elsenbrücke was built in 1968 connecting the two districts Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Treptow-Köpenick. This Summer damages were found on the bridge 🌉 In 2020 the bridge will be demolished. The plan is for it to be rebuild by 2028. Eight years to build a new bridge, does it seem long to you? 🤔... Another load of traffic jam in prediction 😅... In Berlin you have the great opportunity to train your patience skills as a car driver! 😅🙏😅 Your strength is to be found in serenity. Peace ✌️


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Berburu sunset memang sangat menyenangkan,
Dan lokasi yang paling cocok adalah lautan

interesting to know about this one thanks for sharing :)

Thank you sir