🎶MINI CRYPTO MUSIC VIDEO (My Favorite Things)⁣⁣

26일 전

Hi Friends!

I had some fun being weird this morning... here are the results.

Beaches and Bitcoin and watching the market. Candles and charting and funds in my wallet. Hoping and praying the prices take wing. These are a few of my favorite things. 🎶 ⁣

Yes that’s me singing and playing... and yes filming on a beach by yourself is awkward AF. 🙈🤣⁣

Thanks for the awesome 21 million tank @moedarags! Check out more of their cool crypto designs here 👉🏼 moedarags.com⁣. Use code GIRLGONECRYPTO to get 15% off.

XO, Lea


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Thanks!! haha glad you got a kick out of it.

not bad
i liked the sound of music
now can you do one like that with mary poppins songs

Nicely done. Well presented and a beautiful voice.


Thanks Troy! Sometimes I get weird ideas and just go for it. 😆

Hahah nice 😄👍🏼


thank you!! hehe

Love the idea of Beaches & Bitcoin.. planning to start trading beside the beach from now on!! ;)


oooh that sounds nice!! Livin the dream!

Nice, have you ever been in India?