Thank you Steem Monsters for making it easy to tell people about Steem at Anarch ...

3개월 전

... apulco! I got this handful of @steemmonsters cards from @aggroed to pass out to people. I’ve been talking to a lot of people about Steem, and being able to hand them a card that gives them a free Steem account via Steem Monsters is pretty freaking rad.


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What's happening to you both? Did Rexxie just pop up from behind the photographer?


I guess we were just excited to hang out... but that’s a way better explaination. 😂


Say hi to @aggroed for me! :)


Will do!! 👍🏻

Quite clever and a fabulous idea! So glad you're still spreading the love about Steemit. Much love to you @coruscate.

clever idea to give an account with the card! hope it helps bring it a buncha noobs! :)

it is one of this free cards that made me spend thousands of dollars on this game, good strategy :-)

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yes and i didn't say a few so not 1 or 2, you have to be creative in a bear market :-)

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I want to have those cards. Can I buy em?

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Wow thats awesome, I want some cards like that, lol, your a very lucky lady @coruscate , what an awesome event, say hi to @aggroed for me. Go Steem Monsters!

I have no experience of steemmonster

Yo yo steem fam!

So cool! Even people with accounts want a piece of history and a physical card!

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I've got my 2 cards from @aggroed for my 2 kids, thanks for sharing this picture

Wow. This is great. Let people continue joining steemit and we will keep welcoming them