Ibiza, Spain. Isla de es Vedrà!!!! Who knows this spot in ibiza? Guys, the picture ...

9개월 전

... do NOT shows how MAGNIFICO IS HERE... is not fair. La foto no hace justicia a lo magnifico que se ve esto aquí. 🙌🏼☀️


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Ive been there as well :) Beautiful view!

Bless Ya.


My man, thanks. 🙌🏼


Great landscape of the island, it would be nice if you could share more photos. Since it is a good place to visit Regards. By the way, what a nice picture of the blog.


There is a lot more, but i will share it later in my trip summary blog. (Barcelona, Ibiza and Lisbon). Now , I am sharing my Lisbon experience.

Great shot. Gorgeous landscape


Thanks girl👌🏼. It really is.

Viejo mensaje se ve bien bacano eso por alla


Super BACANO!!!


Thanks man, the view is stunning. 🙌🏼

buen blog me encanto espero que sigas sai tienes un nuevo seguidor espero que sigas mejorando


Gracias mano, claro que si. Hacer lo mejor que se pueda.

excelente viaje donde aprovechaste los momentos con esas hermosas fotos


Muchas Gracias chica, Claro que si. :)

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