Welcome to the official short Daily Bread Food Bank Short Stories Account, where ...


... all the short formed on the spot news (before the @gtpjfoodbank newsletter is out) will be shown on this account reduce spamming there.

This is actually our official ID in all mainstream media when we became more of a separate non profit entity more than tied to a church ID, GTPJ.

Although it all started there.

For our first post we will be announcing our first move to convert 166 STEEM (approximately RM150) worth from the overflow donations for @fitinfun in order to pay it forward, remembering her battle for the minnows, in order to help one poor family who has lost their job since COVID-19 pandemic started.

This family will be a verified family from the Daily Bread Food Bank, who is also a volunteer and unable to sustain their livelihood of 8 people. No other than uncle Alex who just recovered from shingles but now no longer can make a living via Grab because of lack of people moving around.

The RM150 we hope will be able to sustain uncle Alex to bring at least some fresh vegetables home as the food bank currently only have near expiring food and frozen chicken. Growing kids will need their vegetables.

Please check @gtpjfoodbank on our journey to convert from STEEM to USDT and sell it off for MYR on open market.

Stay tuned.

Daily Bread Food Bank Media Team


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We can't help much but we will re-post this for you.

Knowing uncle Alex personally we understand of his predicament.

Wishing you all the best to attempt to withdraw without direct trade.

Best regards
Cap Dua Gajah