Gadgets also has their wishes! So, the story is it was raining and my phone decided ...


... to click this pic on its own.

I always wanted to take the picture of these mud roads but I was always riding the bike. Then today, it was raining all day and I might have stopped at many times because of that. While checking the gallery, I found this pic which I didn't take. I didn't take out the phone at all today. That's when I realised my phone decided to end that postponing of taking the mud roads pic by taking the pic without permission.

And it turned out pretty good I must say. Better than I might have taken it, and through a rain drop! I think I underestimate the creativity of gadgets!

Unexpected rains, power cuts and zero signal! Life is good though, in a weird way!

Well, here's to the perspective of my phone's photography! May you be able to read my mind and do wonders in future too! 🥂


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