Apparently, this is the best water that you can collect it in the area around Th ...


... irumalayampalayam!

Going on the trip to the nearby villages for Annam, Tarini had her own bottle and a few others" from the staff at balagrama. (Please refer to the previous blog in case you're wondering about these words). Generally, water in coimbatore or most parts in Tamil Nadu that lies on the coastal area has salty hard water. It's a little bit difficult to get used to that water especially to drink. The water served in punarnava for me was the bottled one or the boiled one from the kitchen. But the taste from the hooked one also remain more it less same.

So on the way she told me there's this place where they take water from and it's the best trading and pure water around here. She said we can directly drink it and it's safe. I was expecting a place near a water stream it something. Then the Jeep stopped at a random place, near a bridge, in the middle of nowhere.

Then there was this, I don't know what to call it really, outlet for water which comes through this metal pipe and then there rubber nozzle. I was not really sure about taking water from that. But, the best part is, there was already someone filling the water from there in a 25 liter can. And while we got down to line up, there were two other guys came in a bike with 2 huge vessels. Unfortunately, that day the water was coming with less force and everyone had to wait for a long time to get a single bottle filled.

Then it became a sport to fill the bottles and at the end I did end up trying the water. I have no idea how, but the water was so good and wasn't salty at all. I don't really know where it comes from but turns out it indeed was the best water you get there.

And that was a time tale of water during a serious trip on a very hot sunny day!


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Thanks for sharing this.. will be going bon a vacation soon to Karnataka & Ketala.. for almost 3 weeks.. so these will be handy then i guess!


Hey, that's a great plan but please don't try it there 😁 this place they know about it's whereabouts, I just don't. Generally in Kerala the water that comes in the tap are chlorinated, so, I don't recommend doing this. Almost same with Karnataka also I guess.

Your plan sounds great, have a great time 😊

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awesome image and story. impressed.