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Beautiful landscape. At this time of the year the flowering of the trees provides a visual spectacle.


The yellow trees are visible from miles away. Like you said, it is only at this time of the year. But we have all year long flowers of different kinds.

Can't wait to return!

This place has its own magical vibes beautiful :D

Wow! This is incredibly beautiful 🌼🌿

Nice shot!!! Sometimes it is harder for me to look my country in the eyers in front advertising or amazing shots like this, sometimes there is more behind everything and that's what I usually like to share with friends and visitors

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Ahh, it's simply an awesome shot. What a view.

I need to go there :) ... And I want feel this sun and warm water there :)


You should do that one day. Costa Rica is very special.


Thank you!! ... steem back up ... I'm there 100 % :)

Wow, that’s stunning. Makes me long for the lushness of tropical places. Here in the desert there is a very different kind of beauty.

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Beautiful photo!

woow,its sk beautiful

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Wow I Love this tropical landscape 😍