~ATTENTION PLEASE~ Special announcement, and a friendly reminder to vote for your ...

27일 전

... People’s Choice Champion for Round #68. I hope everyone is having a FoodTastic week and you all have recovered from you food comas nicely. So just a reminder to head on over here - https://steempeak.com/fff/@foodfightfriday/food-fight-friday-round-68-11-08-19 - and place your vote for your favorite Food Flinger. Now, I’m gonna drizzle some chocolate in front of you right now so don’t go getting a sugar high quite yet. Things in the Coolest kitchen on the Blockchain are going to be changing. While most seem to be slowing to a simmer, we here @foodfightfriday are just starting to boil. Round 68 will be the last week of SBI shares, but don’t worry we have something a lot bigger and better hiding in the back of the fridge for you Egg Beatin’ Dough kneedin’ Food Flingers. I can’t tell you just yet so, you all are just gonna have to crack a cold one, relax and wait and see. Catch you guys this Friday for another week of Food Flingin’ Festivities ~ Cheers @foodfightfriday ~


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I hope everyone else watched that and got a good laugh in. 😂 Gettin' my finger lickin' good photos ready to bust out for tomorrow...

You make a really HOT dog, so funny, love it.