Don't count your reps, make reps that count! Pull day Tuesday!

2개월 전

With yesterday being "push day", it only makes sense for Tuesdays to be a "pull day"!

Today I set a new PR for my 4x10 sets of Barbell rows, taking them up to 60kg! On this particular movement, it is tempting to involve the lower back too much or to otherwise sacrifice technique as fatigue sets in. That's where I like to remind myself that muscles don't know or care about numbers the way that our mind does. They don't know if you did 8, 9, 10 or 11, only that they've been stressed sufficiently to trigger muscle growth.

So rather than counting each rep, make sure you make reps that really counts!💪

The rest of my pull day consisted of other back exercises, biceps and rear delts.

In summary:

  • 4x10 weighted pull-ups (+10kg around my waist)
  • 4x10 Barbell rows 60kg
  • 3x10 Rope face-pulls 45kg
  • 3x8 Barbell biceps curls 40kg.
  • 3x10 wide grip seated cable rows 55kg
  • 3x10 Narrow grip cable rows 75 kg (super sets)
  • 3x10 Lat-pulldowns 60kg (with 45kg to failure after each sets of 10).
  • 3x10 incline crunches for Abs.
  • 3x10 back extensions (as a super set)

Quite a long workout, but a really good one!


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Great Work 💪. I will love to join you soon. Hahaha.

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I like to follow your daily training patterns @fredrika maybe this will be difficult for us who are small and short posture. maybe I can try it from the smallest row first.

Essentially, I'm happy to be here (Steem Blokchain) with friends who inspire. thank you dear friend @fredrika

Lol getting those 20 dollar Appics upvotes nice. Were you an early investor in the erc20? I hope everyone who bought the erc20 is able to stake and earn APX curation asap because a lot of old steemians need to start using it so we can see that bug curation push... when we have more people on steem realize newdex is the place to trade APX we will end up with STEEMP on newdex getting more volume and maybe APX can have a larger marketcap than steem itself . Check and find APX token and check the marketcap and volume. Sure right now steem has millions of dollars in volume vs Appics having thousands but if enough steemians and EOS users from voice start buying APX and we have voice capabilities which we will, then APX could be purchased as a governance token for our own voice curation feeds. The voice ecosystem will be vast. Much bigger than steem and better funded. I've already asked wordproof on telos and eos to use @steempress and to give steem a chance to work with them. Steempress is positioned so well to use eosio. I could connect @howo with some scatter nose js developers and even have @ratzen look at steempress and give his options on how we can use steempress with scatter like wordproof does. Wordproof is going g to be a link between eos tokens like allics and steempress allows us to create a full circle and link this whole stack end to end . We have steempress, wordpress, wordproof, and telos worker proposal and I'm confident youd be perfect for telos WPS projects @frederikaa and your work on steempress already helps what I'm doing with @ddate Sentiment tokens scatter Ridl and I'm confident steempress could get funded on telos

Sounds like a great strategy