An American Marten (Martes americana), also known as a Pine Marten, in the snow on ...

8개월 전

... Hudson Bay Mountain near Smithers in Northern British Columbia. I was lucky enough to see this guy out of the corner of my eye while I was snowboarding. He ran down a tree well; so I boarded over, took my backpack off, got my camera out, changed out the wide angle lens for the 400mm, and waited. After sitting there quietly for a few minutes he then popped his head up again. Northern British Columbia, Canada. Life, Love Photography


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What a cute capture ;D

Howdy sir intrepidphotos! man, what a stunning shot! I don't know what the animal is though, what is that thing? Like a fox or is it real small? It's face looks more like a cat though. Anyway it's fantastic!


A Pine Marten is in the same family as a Mink or a Wolverine


howdy today sir intrepidphotos! Oh I see, that makes sense, thanks for the explanation.


oh man! That is such a beautiful picture of him and he, or she, is actually very cute. But look at those claws! lol. thank you sir, I love that picture.

Nice! Resteemed!


You like to live dangerously? :D If I brought my camera equipment along to snowboarding I think I would smash it fast :D
Cool lil fella there!


Ha. I take it quite often snowboarding.

Very nice wildlife photo!

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Awesome capture. I have never seen a Marten in the wild.


Thanks. They are amazing creatures.

Beautiful!! I never see it before, nice pick

now that is an amazing photo right there! thank u for sharing! ✨🌎✌🏻

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@intrepidphotos, Really heart melting expressions and i think that you've really felt happy after watching this beautiful creature. Thank you so much for sharing this picture and stay blessed.


Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.


Welcome and have a blessed time ahead.

Beautiful photo! What a cutie. I am glad you spotted him so now we can all see his darling little face 😍