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..awesome’s looking at your food?..


I love the squirrel‘s hairdo. He is ready to bounce!


yes me too 👍

Great angle and timing. Perfect shot


🐿💕you‘re right 👍

One of the coolest photos of a squirrel i've ever seen.

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Like in UK we had a lot of of them. I use to feed them in my window😁


Oh realy? 🥜🐿 It must be very funny 😀👍


Sad that i dont have my videos about it since i have a new mobile and i didnt copy the videos. But still a nice memory😊

i love squirrels! they are so cute!


yes, they are 😃👍

Wow, that's a beautiful moment. Super nice.

What an amazing shot! The squirrel is s cute and really surprised :) :) :)

Hahah i enjoyed this shot ... The squirrel be like - who's that hahah


😆 thanks 👍